October 16, 2016

This or that book tag

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This tag has been going around for a very long time and I thought it was time I did this tag as well. It's a very long list of questions so grab yourself a drink and let's get started.

Audio book or physical book?

A physical book, definitely! I can’t quite focus on an audiobook and I think they are a little overpriced as well. Awesome if you can concentrate on the book and simultaneously clean/work out/drive/… I wish I could do it but alas! Ain’t nothing wrong with holding a book though.

Paperback or hardback?

Depends on price and edition. If I can get the same exact edition in both paperback and hardback, I’ll go with the paperback because they’re always cheaper. I’m willing to spend a little extra €€€ if I can get a really beautiful edition in hardback though. It really depends.

Fiction or non-fiction?

Look, non-fiction can be educational and all that but it’s not as entertaining as fiction BY FAR.

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas Fantasy or real life?

I gravitate towards fantasy most of the time but I don’t mind a real life story from time to time.

Harry Potter or Twilight?

8 years ago I would have said Twilight but those days are over. Harry Potter FO SHO.

Kindle, iPad or other?

I have a Kobo e-reader but it’s gathered a 3cm thick layer of dust at this point. Somewhere along the way I just stopped using it.

Borrow or buy?

Buy. My library has 0 English YA books so I don’t have much choice. Always looking for the best deals though! If only Book Outlet had decent international shipping (downside: I’d be broke).

Bookstore or online?

Mostly online since the books I like to read usually aren’t available in a bookstore around here. Places I order from are: Book Depository, Wordery and Bol.com (Dutch website).

Trilogies or stand-alones?

BOTH. We need more standalones though. Petition to have more standalone YA fantasy books.

Monster read or short and sweet?

BOTH. Speaking of monster books, give me Winds of Winter already because I’M DYING TO READ IT.

Romance or action?

BOTH (this is getting repetitive real quick). Mix the two together and you have the perfect story.

Curl up nice and warm or sunbathing?

Since I never leave the house I’ll pick curling up in bed with a book anytime.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling Hot chocolate or latte?

Can I pick green tea? Because I like green tea a lot.

Read the review or decide for yourself?

I only read reviews when I have read the book already or if I’m actually not interested in reading it at all (so the occasional spoiler doesn’t bother me at all). I honestly don’t read many reviews.

Bookmarks or dog-ears?

Bookmarks. I just remembered I have colouring bookmarks to color - guess what I’ll be doing after this.

Alphabetise by author, title or other?

I have a weird way or arranging my books. There’s no logic to it. I put my favourites on my shelf in my room and the others just go wherever I can find a spot for them.

Keep the dust jacket or toss the dust jacket?


Read with the dust jacket or remove it?

I remove it so it doesn’t get damaged and also because it just gets in the way.

Short story or novel?

Novel! I’m not into novella’s and short stories. Unless they’re all bundled together in one book, then I might read it.

The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead
Harry Potter or Lemony Snicket?

I feel like the answer to this question depends on culture. I don’t think many people know who Lemony Snicket is in Europe (I might be wrong but it’s nowhere to be found in our bookstores at least). I’ll have to pick Harry Potter again for this one, since I haven’t read the Series of Unfortunate Events. Might watch the Netflix show though.

Stop reading when you’re tired or stop reading at chapter breaks?

I stop reading when I’m tired. Depends on the type of story though.

It was a dark and stormy night or Once upon a time?

Dark and stormy nights every time! Can you feel that mysterious vibe? Is it not getting you all excited?!

Tidy ending or cliffhanger?

I’m cool with cliffhangers as long as Rick Riordan isn’t writing them.

Morning, afternoon or evening reading?


Do you ever smell books?

Who doesn’t to be honest?

Let's talk! Tidy endings or cliffhangers? Romance or action? Feel free to fill out this tag!

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