July 19, 2016

SideReel makes life so much easier! Here's why you should use it.

Sidereel TV tracking website

If you’re like me and you watch a zillion TV shows, it might get confusing sometimes. Keeping up with everything is a real hassle, especially in winter when most of the shows are airing (lol there’s literally nothing going on this summer besides PLL what the actual fuck). I found a website that helps me keep track of everything and I’ve been using it for a couple of years now. You might have heard of it already or maybe it’s completely new to you: I’m using SideReel to make my life about 10x easier and let me tell you why.

The neatest tricks

Easily track ALL your favorite shows

Now this is pretty obvious but it’s the most important reason why I use this website so I can’t not mention it. SideReel lets you track all of your favorite shows for free (YAASSS), the only thing you need is an account (but you already expected as much).

Week at a glance

Once you’re on your tracker page you get a week at a glance with a listing of all the shows that are airing. You can look 6 days into the future. Personally, I wouldn’t mind being able to look about a month in the future so there’s one of the few downsides to this website. The app does let you look further into the future though but it has significantly less interesting features than the website.

SideReel wants to know in what timezone you live so it can optimize air dates. In my case every show ‘airs' a day later than it does in the US. Game of Thrones is on HBO on Sundays, I can watch it on Mondays and so on. Another downside to this feature is that it literally shows every episode. So when Netflix drops an entire season on 1 day, the feature gets a little distorted. It fucks up the week at a glance but it only lasts 6 days so there’s that. It's not so much a downside, it's just a little inconvenient.

SideReel week at a glance

Keep track of the episodes you’ve seen

After you track a show, you mark every episode you’ve seen as ‘watched’. Once you’ve set that up, SideReel tells you what episode comes next, on what date. It’s great for checking if you’ve missed any episodes because each has a little synopsis. How I still managed to miss an episode of Blindspot is a mystery to me but whatever.

SideReel episode tracker

Get notified about important events such as cancellations

Tracking shows also means getting notifications about them. If a show gets renewed, picked up or cancelled you’ll be the first to know. SideReel also tells you when they think a show is in danger of getting cancelled (based on the views it’s getting). It also tells you if and when a show is concluding. Besides the tracker this is my favorite feature about the whole entire website. I’m literally one of the first to know if a series is renewed or cancelled.

SideReel notifications

Less interesting but still useful...

Make lists

There is the option to make lists. I currently have a ‘maybe?’ and ‘to-binge-watch’ list. To be honest, I don’t use these lists very often. Only when I’m not sure if I’ll like something, instead of tracking it immediately I’ll add it to one of my lists first.

Get previews on new and upcoming shows

SideReel also informs you about upcoming premieres. The website has a calendar with every single premiere and finale listed. There’s also an option to check by network if you happen to be only interested in a few.

Let SideReel recommend shows for you based on what you’re already tracking

I don’t really like this feature since it hasn’t recommended anything yet that I really liked or tracked. BUT it might be more useful to others.

Well, I feel like I just wrote an advertorial for SideReel but I only wanted to share it because I really love using it. It truly makes it much easier to keep up to date with everything. I'm currently binge watching Chicago Fire and Chicago PD and I don't miss a thing because of SideReel!

How do you keep track of your TV shows? 

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