May 15, 2016

2 ways to plan your blog posts

2 ways to plan your blogposts

Why planning is important (to me)

Sometimes I get a lot of ideas at once and need to write them down SOMEWHERE. There's a piece of paper where I scribble ideas on but usually I give these 'potential blog posts' a date already (usually a week since I aim to post once a week). There are two ways as I like to do this: one of them being in a spreadsheet, the other on paper.

Personally, I like to be able to schedule a few posts in advance because I know that I have a writer's block more often than not. So when I finally find inspiration and ideas for new content, I immediately start to work them out and make it as good and relevant as I can. Some ideas are great but after thinking it through I realise I actually don't have much to say about it so I discard it. If I know I can type a decent blog post, I do it as soon as I can before I lose this glorious moment of inspiration. When that's all done, I schedule them to go online sometime in the upcoming weeks. And here's where my spreadsheet and paper planner come in.

Using a spreadsheet

Documents on your computer are easy to access if you're already using your computer to type blog posts anyway. All you have to do is open it and BOOM there's your schedule. It's also super easy to edit the schedule if that's necessary. You can move around blog posts as much as you want until you're satisfied. I find that I reach to it the most when I don't have my paper schedule at hand.
I also use my spreadsheet to write down topics, which are basically rough ideas for blog posts like: 'Christmas' or 'mental health awareness'.

2 ways to plan your blog posts

Using a calender on paper

Though I think the Internet is the best invention since EVER, I still like being able to hold things in my hands. Inspired by bullet journal spreads like this one and this one with cute lettering and this simple one as my main inspiration, I made a spread like this in my notebook and now use it as a blogging plan. I like to write things down and that's why this is a great way to plan. Writing it down makes it more 'official' to me. This way of planning also gives a slightly better overview of the months than my spreadsheet does.

I only started planning like this recently but I like how I can open my notebook and have it right next to my computer when blogging. I can also easily take it with me if I wanted to, without the need of the Internet to be able to change anything to it. Awesome.

Each way has its benefits

Neither of these are 'the best ways' to plan. Where one can't be changed as easily, the other is more convenient if you want to have your plan next to you when blogging.
How you set up your spreadsheet or your paper schedule is completely personal. That's another benefit. Some might like a calendar-like set up, I made something completely different. There's literally a 1001 ways to do this.

Do you plan blog posts ahead? How do you plan your blog posts? Do you prefer online calendars over paper?

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