February 20, 2016

Love-a-thon // Mini-challenge #1: Mix & Match

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Usually if people ask me if I do anything besides reading books all day every day, I tell them I don't have any other hobbies. Which is true, I don't have other hobbies. Unless you consider refreshing Instagram multiple times a day, Snapchatting my friends ridiculous photos or losing track of time on Tumblr as hobbies. Which you probably do because let's face it... we're all the same here.

I don't have hobbies but I do like to do other things. Such as eating (preferably cookies in any shape or form) or darker shades of lipstick (NOT magic - hahahaha pun intended). Besides that I also like to procrastinate (ugh) and be a lazy ass person. I decided not to picture those last two and be a role model today instead.

 photo Foto 2-02-16 14 49 24 1_zpsawkbblom.jpg  photo Foto 2-02-16 14 49 24_zpsabncqgum.jpg

Besides delicious food and lipstick, I'm very passionate about my fandoms. Since I'm also participating in the love-a-thon on bookstagram, I'll be posting some photos on there as well and one of them will be about my favorite fandom. Follow me over there if you don't want to miss it (shameless self plug).

Do you have other hobbies or passions besides reading?

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