February 20, 2016

Love-a-thon // Introduction time!

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Let's all do a happy dance because the love-a-thon starts today! Right now, it's still early in the morning where I'm from so I'm not actually here but still sleeping probably. How are you all doing? What time is it where you are from right now? ARE YOU EXCITED?

Okay, let's start with this introduction. I've kinda put my own spin on things since a lot of questions are the same from last year and my answers haven't changed much. Let's begin!

Who am I & where in the world am I blogging from?

My name is Kaylie and I am blogging from Belgium.

A little introduction to my blog

I've been blogging for a good while but only since 3 years do I blog solely about books (and movies and other geeky shit). It's been a good 3 years though and I've been enjoying book blogging mainly because of the community. I don't think I'd still be here, typing my third Love-a-thon questionnaire/introduction if the community wasn't as open and welcoming as it is.

If you want to know more about me and how I became a book blogger (sounds like it's a profession but let's be real here, I've just been winging it since the start), read my "potterhead" page. I've answered most of the questions in my previous years participating in the love-a-thon so I'd also like to refer to those blog posts as well: last year's & the year before that.

However, there is one question I haven't answered yet, so I'll try and do that for you now.

Who would you recruit for your apocalypse squad? 

I have to choose wisely here (not my strong suit) and pick characters that can protect me and teach me to protect myself (pls someone teach me how to use the bow and arrow). I'll also need someone who can find us all food + a genius to get us out of sticky situation we will inevitably be in.
   • We're gonna need to survive so who else but Katniss Everdeen is the person to do that?
   • To amp up the badass-factor I'll recruit Aelin Galathynius. No further explanation necessary.
   • Obviously were going to need a wizard of some sort and I'll pick Hermione Granger for any kind of squad so yeah.     Plus she's also the genius I mentioned before.

I think I'm good with these three. I didn't pick all girls on purpose though (but honestly women are just better than men). I'm basically a 100% sure I'll survive this apocalypse situation with these squad members. #squadgoals

I'm super pumped about the love-a-thon, it's something I start looking forward to every year. Pretty much as soon as the previous one is over. I hope to see a lot of new people participating this year. The amount of participants increases every year and now the bookstagram + booktube community are being included as well.

I've been scheduling my blog posts in advance so I have more time to visit everyone's blog, instagram and youtube channel this weekend. However, I don't know how much I'll be able to do since I have school work to do (*screams*) and you know... life. I'll do my bestest best to be as active as I can be!

Are you participating as well? Is it your first time participating?

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