January 13, 2016

Resolutions and goals

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Reading goals

No to numbers

I think I mentioned this last year but I don't want to look at numbers anymore. I'm not setting a goal for myself to read # books. I feel like setting a goal made me read stuff I didn't want to read, just to reach that goal and that's just ridiculous. Therefore I'm not doing a Goodreads challenge this year. I still keep track of what I read on there but I won't be challenging myself this year.

Not much else I want to change

That's about the only thing I want to change to be honest. I liked my reading "habits" of 2015 and I just want to continue in that way. Last year I talked about finishing series but I'm not really bothered by it anymore. There are a bunch of new series I started in 2015 that I know I'll never finish (more on that in a another blog post - keep your eyes peeled) but I also discovered some that I read along as they are being published and that I know I'll finish. That way I also know what series I really, really, REALLY like.  So no, apart from the challenge I won't be changing anything.

Life goals

 photo resolutions_zpsgpqsjpni.jpgIt's gonna be another hectic semester and I want to be as prepared as possible. I'm already a planning genius (if I do say so myself - I'm a genius at altering my schedule because I procrastinate so often though) but I'm gonna have to amp up the planning game these coming months. Lots of papers and projects coming my way along with my favorites: exams. So along with planning like a madwoman, I'm also gonna have to motivate myself to stick to my plan, which is a goal in itself. I started looking at the studyblr hashtag on Tumblr more to find the motivation I will definitely need.

I also made a vision board for 2016. I've been doing this for a couple of years now and I like to do it. If you want to reach some goals or stick to your resolutions I really recommend you make a vision board because it reminds you of your goals/resolutions every time you look at it. For a more scientific explanation as to why these vision boards actually seem to work, I recommend reading this article.

That's it for my goals/resolutions. What are your goals/resolutions for 2016? Did you stick to your resolutions of 2015? Do you make a vision board?

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