January 27, 2016

6 photography tutorials that made me a better photographer

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Photography has been my thing since I first got a DSLR camera three years ago. Before it intrigued me but with a simple point and shoot you can't do much magic. The real adventure began when I found out what amazing things you can do with a DSLR.

The basic settings I learned along the way. I have a small collection of books that explain all the features a camera can have but I also read a lot on the internet. Knowing how to play with shutter-speed and aperture isn't everything though. Here are the tutorials that really made me a better photographer.

1. How to draw with light (by Georgie @ What Georgie Did)

This tutorial has thought me to use white boards to reflect light and get much brighter pictures. I mostly use this technique for blog photos. For my Instagram I've got a whole other theme going on. This is the best way to get those white, clear, bright photos. This blog post helped me out immensely with achieving that.

2. Here's how to get bright photos with vibrant colors (by Jen @ IHeart Organizing)

This tutorial explains how to get bright photos indoors which can be very tricky if you don't have much light coming in or have no windows at all to let sunlight in. My room is very dark so if I want to take pictures in there of anything, this tutorial has helped out. Now, I don't own any lights like she does so my photos always turn out darker. Luckily there's also a tutorial on how to edit your photos in such a way that they come out bright and sharp.

3. Using accent colors (by Jos├ęphine @ Word Revel)

I don't use this trick very often (not often enough really) but when I do, I'm really satisfied with the result. This is something I might have to practice more but this post still opened my eyes up to the possibilities. The photos below are all favorites of mine and I used the technique with accent colors in each of them.

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4. 5 tips for taking the best shots of (beauty)products (by Serena @ Beautylab)

This 'tutorial' is aimed specifically for beautybloggers and how to take the best shots of their products BUT I feel like these tips are useful for any kind of photo with whatever kind of subject. The post is written in Dutch so you might want to use that translate option... She made a similar, more generic version last year as well.

I enjoy reading this blog because of the way she photographs the products she's talking about. It's always so beautiful with a bunch of props that make everything come together. She makes her reviews much more interesting this way and I noticed I read more of her blog posts than I would if the photo was boring. So this is what I try to achieve by adding clear photos to every blogpost I make.

5. Diffuse the light! (by Georgie @ What Georgie Did)

I thought this was super interesting. I actually tried it out with a DIY black board but failed miserably. I think a) the board wasn't big enough and b) I was absolutely doing it wrong. So even though this tutorials hasn't helped (YET because I'm going to figure this one out when I get myself a decent black board) I still wanted to share it because I think it's genius.

6. Bonus: how to reimagine your Instagram feed (without using stupid theme dividers!) (by Dana @ Wonderforest)

If you want to change up the overall look and feel of your feed (if you even care about that), this blog post by Wonder Forest could help you out. It helped me out when I decided to start posting only book related photos with a certain theme. I like feeds with pictures that all have the same filter or composition. That's why I changed my own Instagram from 'post whatever' to 'stick to your damn theme!' and I haven't looked back since.

Do you have tutorials that really helped you out? If you do, please share them so we can all learn more! 

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