December 1, 2015

November 2015 Wrap up

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I had exams. AGAIN.

I already had a bunch of resits in August and now I have exams AGAIN. Can't I have a minute to myself?! As you might have guessed I'm not too thrilled about this but on the other hand it means that I won't have to study over the holidays. I'll know my results in December but I already know I'll have a few resits again. Which I am also not thrilled about (obviously).

Found an internship

As I mentioned in my October Wrap up, I was looking for an internship and I found one at the end of October but had to wait for confirmation first. That's why I haven't said anything about it yet. Well, it's confirmed now and I started my internship in the last week of November. I work with elderly people and so far so good. I'll be doing this till the end of January and in February I go back to class.

I got myself out of that reading slump (I think)

 photo Foto 21-11-15 22 28 49_zps9souzwvk.jpgHarry Potter always managed to make me feel better, whatever the reason is that I'm feeling down. Even though I picked up the biggest one of them all, it got me out the reading slump and now I'm excited to read again. I was so into it that I just picked up the next in the series to reread. My two-year-long reread is almost over, I only need to pick up Deathly Hallows now (hope I didn't just jinx it - actually wouldn't be surprised if it takes me another year to read DH).

After finishing Harry Potter, I started The Queen of the Tearling but it's just not interesting and I didn't continue. Also: my ereader died again and I was just too lazy to charge it. So even though maybe I wanted to continue with the book, the fact that I'm a sloth won and now I'm pretty sure I'm going to DNF The Queen of Tearling. So there's that.

Other things I want to mention

If you are an anxious person like I am and it happens that you panic for no apparent reason, try meditation. It's not as spiritual as media makes it out to be. You don't even need to make 'omm' sounds. The app I use is 'Calm' and has a few different settings in the free version. If you want the additional ones you have to register I believe. Anyway, taking 5 minutes of my day to sit and relax has helped me out a few times. I was anxious all the time, even when sleeping (I'd wake up all panicky sometimes) because of school and finding an internship I guess. Meditating before going to sleep helped me get through the night.

I'm working on a little project involving painting and watercolor. I want to change some things in my room and I feel like a little watercolor wouldn't hurt. Basically I want to paint Hogwarts (which is hard and way above my painting skills) and a quote (which is even harder and almost impossible but I like a challenge). I'm still practicing because I'm not the greatest drawer and I don't have a steady hand yet. If I manage to make something of it, I'll let you know. But don't get your hopes up, I don't either (haha).

Books I read this month

 photo Foto 29-11-15 18 43 29_zpsipcubvru.jpgHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - J. K. Rowling // reread
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - J. K. Rowling // reread

I think this month was the first time I read a Harry Potter book entirely in English and I've gotta say it was a delightful experience. The characters sound much more mature and it's funnier in the English edition. I'll continue my reread of this series in English because I enjoy it so much. I own American editions and UK editions so that'll be interesting. I wonder if I can find the differences (probably not).
As I mentioned before I started The Queen of The Tearling but didn't finish it so that's why it's not on this list. I started Deathly Hallows at the end of the month but won't finish it before December arrives at my doorstep.

TV // movies // music

 photo Foto 18-11-15 10 54 38_zpsf1qh8ka9.jpg• I saw Mockingjay Part 2 on the 20th and it was bEAUTIFUL. Now I'm sad that it's over because these adaptations were done absolutely brilliantly. If you wanted to know my full opinion, let me know and I'll make a separate post about it.
• I also saw Ant Man this month
• First look at Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! Here's the logo and here are exclusive photos!
Download a page from the Harry Potter coloring book
• More HP: J.K. Rowling explained why Harry gave his son Snape's name. Now everybody can calm down and stop hating on Snape. Thanks.
• New shows I'm watching:
         ▸ Jessica Jones
         ▸ Jane the Virgin (all caught up now)
• Ellie Goulding has a new album out: Delirium. I like On My Mind, Heal and Army the most.
• Watch this video of Smosh getting pranked by Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth

How was you November? 

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