August 1, 2015

July 2015 Wrap up


How am I?

I've been feeling kind of meh lately and so have people around me. I hope this doesn't last too long because I have to study. You heard me right. I have resits in August and I have some serious study-sessions ahead of me. So getting sick would not be okay.

I had a summer job for July so that's already over. Now I have to focus on school and then hopefully in September my summer break will really start.

Some blog related updates

I'm still not back on Bloglovin' and it's annoying me greatly. However, I'm also a procrastinator so I have been delaying on sending an email to them about this. The good news is I sent this email about one or two hours ago so hopefully I will soon know what the hell is going on and how to fix it. Hang it there.

I also got a new design and I've been liking it so far. I removed the sidebar and shoved everything in the bottom. Now the photos are bigger and everything is much lighter with all the white going on.

Headphones and book

Books I read in July

The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater (reread) | 4 stars
The Wrath and the Dawn - Renee Ahdieh | 4 stars
To All The Boys I've Loved Before - Jenny Han | 4 stars

Not a bad reading month. I haven't had the time to read much but what I read wasn't bad at all. I know 4 stars is a little vague but it means I enjoyed it and that is was an entertaining read.


You can check if I made any progress throughout the month and what books I've read for the challenges on my challenges page.

Fairytale retelling challenge

Read: 3/5-9 (20%)

Rereading challenge

Read: 9/7 (-- %)

I'd say I'm not doing so bad on the rereading challenge.

TV // movies // music

• I watched the entire first season of Marvel's Daredevil in June and then immediately afterwards started watching Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which took me about 2 weeks to watch entirely. #obsessed
• I also started watching all the Marvel movies in the right order. In July I watched Captain America: The First Avenger, Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Thor. I didn't watch The Incredible Hulk though. Anyways, there is definitely a trend going on here.

Agents of SHIELD

How's July been for you?

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