July 5, 2015

How I keep track of my reading

How I keep track of my reading

The oldskool way: I write it down

I have a little notebook (in truth I have a TON but let's not talk about my notebook hoarding issues right now thank you) and one day I decided to write every title I ever read (well - since 2012) in there along with the rating I gave the books. Nothing fancy, just the basics. It's really satisfying when I can write the title of a book in there. Every time I finish a book I'm excited to write it in my notebook. I don't really have a color coding system going on in there but I do write my rereads in a different color.


This is the place I go to most to check on the books I've read and want to read. I like it because all the information about a book is a few clicks away. The covers are next to the titles, which is something I don't have in my spreadsheets but really appreciate. It's also the fastest way to get information about release dates, publishers, where to get it, etcetera. My notebook is pretty much always an arm's reach away but there isn't much information about the book in it. Opening my spreadsheet takes a while (unfortunately I don't know why my Mac is so slow with Office) and in my wrap ups is the same information as in my notebook... so I go to Goodreads if I want information and when I want it NOW.

How I keep track of my reading


My spreadsheet is basically the most accurate out of all of these. Why? Because my rereads are on that list AND some basic information about the book. I don't bother with release dates and publishers but I do care about the format and language I read it in. Those are two things that you can't display on Goodreads. My spreadsheet is also color coded and very simple compared to Goodreads. Everything I want to know is there and one the same page. Every single book I read during the year is on it and the numbers are accurate. The books I have reread are on there while they aren't on Goodreads.

Wrap ups

I'm gonna be honest, if I want to know what books I read in a particular month, I won't go looking for the wrap up of that month. I could if I wanted to. Everything that's worth a mention, is in my wrap ups and it's like time travelling (which is AWESOME). I'd check my wrap up posts for anything but books though sooooooo... this isn't really relevant in this post.

How do you keep track of the books you (want to) read?


  1. Thank you!

    I love making lists as well! If I can't put it in a list, my brain doesn't function.

  2. Love the new look! :D

    I'm pretty basic when it comes to keep tracking of my books. I have shelves on Goodreads that help me track favorites in X year and reads in X year, as well as releases for a year, genres, format (comic, manga, novella), and the like. I used to also keep track of publisher information but Goodreads only shows imprints and I got tired of Googling an imprint I didn't know just to put it on a shelf. Also, I do a lot with the Goodreads mobile app and it just got frustrating.

    I've been meaning to make spreadsheets! I want to do them for 2015 releases (even though it's July lol) and 2016 releases so that I can keep better track of them. SO many fall through the cracks because I'm not actively searching them out. I also want to make a monthly spreadsheet to track what I read and how much I did/didn't spend. Lately I've been utilizing my library and work more, so I'm spending less on books. So I kind of want a yearly dollar amount for how much I did and didn't spend on books!

    Also: you can track rereads on Goodreads! I do it in a pretty easy way: I make the hardcover edition of the book my "main review," which means it has my actual written review + shelves, and then I use the other editions for the book to track the rereads. Just find an edition, click "review this edition", and set the date started and finished. It'll make your shelves a bit more messy because you'll have multiple editions of a book, but they'll count towards your challenge! I don't reread often, but I've reread The Raven Cycle twice in full and am on my third reread for the year, so being able to track that and have it count towards my Goodreads goal is awesome. :P

    This comment was long and I apologize lol.



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