February 3, 2015

Reading, blogging & life goals for 2015

This is the last of my overdue posts and I'm glad that I'm back on track now. I'm also very happy that after planning to do this for a long time it's finally here: my goals for 2015.

Reading goals

2015 Goodreads Reading Challenge

My goal is to read 40 books this year. That is a lot less than last year (60) but since I'm back in school I have waaaaay less time to read. I also want to reread some of my books and Goodreads doesn't count those so I have to calculate that in as well.

After giving this reading challenge a thought, I've come to realise that I have read books in the past, simply to reach my goal at the end of year. That's not how I should be reading books. I've been doing this challenge since 2012 and feel like it's mandatory at this point. It's. Not. And I'm seriously considering not participating next year at all (but let's not talk about next year already).

Series & which ones to continue?

I have started so many series over the last couple of years and also managed to finish a bunch of them. There's still some that I started but never continued and I want to take the time and decide which ones I want to finish and which ones I don't. I'm the kind of person that wants to finish what they started. Unfortunately there are a bunch of series that I'm just not that interested in or DNF-ed. I made a spreadsheet with all the series I started ever (64 wHAT) and checked off which ones I finished and which ones I DNF-ed. Then I went through the list again and decided which ones I wanted to continue.

This is just a fraction of the list but you get the idea. I was inspired to make a spreadsheet after reading this blog post by Joséphine @ Word Revel. Joséphine made a very detailed spreadsheet of her series but I am happy with just a brief overview though. I also have to point out that the # of books in a few series aren't completely correct. For example I said there are 2 books out in the Order of Darkness series but this is still an ongoing series. There were 2 books out when I decided I didn't want to continue, that's why I put 2. I don't want to keep up with series I don't read.

More structure in my reading

I have started and finished multiples series in 2014 and I managed to read those books without too much time in between sequels. It made the reading experience a lot easier and more enjoyable. I remembered more of the previous books and could get through the sequels easier. This inspired me to change my reading "pattern".

I'm still very much a mood-reader, I read what I want, whenever I want but I just want more structure in my reading. Finish series faster, maybe even marathon them so I remember more of the story and the experience is much nicer all together.

Reread more books

Remember the Top Ten Tuesday topic from a few months ago, the Top Ten Books I want to reread one? It really inspired me to reread more of my books. The only books I ever read multiple times are the Harry Potter ones and The Hunger Games. I want to reread at least a few of the books on my TTT list or whatever I feel like rereading. I will make this a challenge for myself and try to reread 7 books this year. Odd number you might think. I know 10 is just overdoing it and not a reachable goal for me and while it still needs to be a challenge, it's also gotta be doable. You can find this challenge on my challenges page where I will be updating my progress (this will also be in my wrap ups).


I want to read more of a bunch of things:
• standalones
• historical fiction (primarily the ones I own)
• non-YA books (I want to try some more adult, but still fantasy)
• fairytale retellings (see below)
• non-popular books (books that haven't been hyped or that I know nothing about)

If you only read the books everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking. - Haruki Murakami

Fairytale retellings

The Daily Prophecy
The Fairytale challenge is hosted by Mel @ The Daily Prophecy. See my Challenges page for more details and progress. I'm aiming to read at least 5 retellings this year. I don't think I read any last year and I really like some of the retellings I have read in the past so I want to read more!  I'll also be updating on this challenge in my monthly wrap ups.

I want to change my buying strategy

I'm already pretty pleased with my buying strategy which is: if I'm sure I'll read it, I'm allowed to buy it. But I want to change where I'll buy my books in the future.

I want to buy US hardbacks instead of Dutch paperbacks. Because they literally cost the same, if not less. Hardbacks look much nicer and keep looking like new even after reading it a hundred times. I easily pay €20 for a paperback here while I could get hardbacks on The Book Depository for €15... 
I have a lot of my series in Dutch and not all of them are completed so I'll have to buy the sequels in Dutch for them to match but any new series I want to start, I'll get online in the future. I'll have to wait several weeks before they arrive but at least I'll have nice looking books.

I know this isn't so much of a goal as the other ones, it's basically more of a note to myself. When I'm in the bookstore I have to restrain myself because I would buy all of the books. You don't know how many times I have stared at the Dutch Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, contemplating and then having to make myself walk away...

Blogging goals

Go back to blogging 1 day in a week

Last year, somewhere around this time, I changed up my blogging method completely and decided that I would only blog 1 day per week. I don't know how long I kept that up exactly but somehow I started to blog on other days too. I want to go back to 1 day per week (saturday) because I feel like I can plan better this way. I also have more time in the weekend to do this than I have during the week.

Life goals

'Life goals' sounds so serious, doesn't it? "What's your goal in life"?

But I couldn't find a better alternative so we'll have to work with it. Anyway, one of the main things I wanted to change on a more personal level is my studying strategy. I found myself in a bit of a time crunch a few weeks ago which resulted in unfinished assignments and that makes my skin crawl. I wanted to finish what I started but I simply couldn't. I have no plan as of yet but I'm working on one.

If someone knows of tricks or tips for studying, you could really help me with that. I found one on Tumblr just a few weeks ago and it helped me plan my studying and set up a good schedule. It's a 'tutorial' on how to make a schedule. I wish I had only 4 finals to prepare for too... *ugly tears*

That concludes my goals for 2015. The only thing that's left to do is... reach those goals.

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  1. I'm also busy with my own personal reading challenge to finish every published series. I hope to read at least 10 this year, because it's getting out of hand. Rereading is so much fun. I already have a couple of books on my list and I can't wait to return :D It's great you decided to join my challenge and I hope you can read 5 awesome retellings this year.

    1. I hope to read my first retelling of the year very soon!

  2. I like how you adopted my spreadsheet and made your own version to suit your needs! :) And I think your buying strategy is very sensible. I'm trying to get into that direction too, so I'll read more of the books that I already own but have never read.



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