November 20, 2014

This was October

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Sunday's usually the day I don't leave the house. Since school started again I can't lounge around anymore so that's sucks. Instead I was reading a text for philosophy class. Mom and I cleaned out my closet and put all the summer-y clothes away for next year. I sorted out my shoe collection as well. Afterwards, I had some apple pie and did some blogging.

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I'm also spending an awful lot in train stations and on the train. Sometimes I don't make it and then I have sit around for half an hour. Luckily I still get home at a decent hour and I can manage to do quite a bit of school work in the evening. Afterwards I watch an episode of one of the many shows I'm following. Here I was about to watch the first episode of the newest season of OUAT.

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On a rainy evening I decided to just do homework in bed and have fairy lights on and snuggle under the blanket. Can't remember what I was typing here though. 
On a little shopping trip I bought myself two eyeliners from the cheapest brand they have. I'm so over buying expensive eyeliners that dry out after a week... It's seriously frustrating. Of course these cheap ones aren't as good but as long as it's black and I can work with it, I'm happy.

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Rereading Harry Potter in this beautiful edition! Love the color scheme of the Order of the Phoenix here. I feel like the pages are super fragile in this edition though, I'm really scared I'll tear one! 
The last week of October I had a week off and dedicated my free time to school. To make it all less dreadful I treated myself with tea. I love green tea! This one was with Jasmine though, not sure how I feel about it. 

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This is a variation on a Caprese Pasta salad recipe I found on Pinterest. There's also mozarella and some basil in there (which you can't really see on this picture). Nahh, didn't like it all too much. Look, I'm not the greatest cook on the planet and I also discovered I don't like mozarella all that much so... I ain't making this again. Later on in the week I made taco's and those were reaaally good. The recipe needs tweaking so it'll be even better next time.

My notebook is falling apart and I'm not even that far in. I tried to fix it with glue but that obviously didn't work. I ripped the pages out (at least the ones I wrote on), stapled them together and put them in my old notebook. I don't know what I'll do with the rest of the pages though. Probably rip 'em out too and use them as draft paper or something.

How was your October?


  1. I LOVE THIS! I actually just popped off to the drugstore the other day to grab a couple of cheap liners. I am so angry because all the ones that cost me an arm and a leg just dry after a couple of uses. WhAT even?!???

    1. Especially the ones in a pot (like those gel eyeliners) and the pens dry out like there's no tomorrow



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