September 5, 2014

The September Post

When I think of September I think of getting up early in the morning, buying school books and trying to find a new school bag. In September, summer's over for me. Even though I don't go back to school till half-way through September, it doesn't feel like a 'holiday' anymore. It feels like I'm just waiting for the school-year to start (even if I don't want it to).

This also means that I'll be reading less books than I do during the summer. Because a) I'll have less time to do so and b) I find myself not wanting to read often during the school-year. I'm sure there's some psychological reason for that (which I am not in the know of). The season for summery contemporaries is also over. Which I don't seem to mind too much. I think I might've overdone it this summer.

To help me cope with the fact that summer's over and fall's here. I made a list of the pro's and con's of the month of September and the new season.


• While some of my favorite summer shows might be coming to an end, new seasons of most TV shows are in sight. It's not that I don't like what's on TV in summer, it's just that there's not enough. During the school year I have about 6 or 7 episodes to watch every week. In summer ... more like 2.
• Having an actual reason so buy tons of school supplies. I just love buying those kinds of things.
• Fall is around the corner and that means I'll be taking out the blankets and the candles. YAY
• It'll be Christmas before I know it.


• When September arrives, it means I'm going back to school soon. And who likes school?!
• Goodbye summer days! I LOVE summer and love wearing my summer clothes. Probably because you wear less and you can move more easily. Or is this just me? I feel like I wear a million layers in winter.
• Reading less books during the school-year. :(
• The days are getting shorter and getting up when it's still dark outside is not fun. At all. #winterblues


• Gap year & going back to school
• Books set in school that you need to read
• TTT: Fall TBR
Now what I'm the most curious about: do you have similar feelings about the month of September or do you think I need psychological help on this? Cause I know I make a big deal out of the month of September and I feel like I'm the only person. 


  1. I LOVE summer clothes. I hate big sweaters, vests and layers, ugh. I can't stand cold and reading in the sun is one of my favorite things to do. The only thing I do like is the series; hello Once upon a time <3

    1. Oooh Once Upon A Time is back at the end of September!

  2. I'm a little attached to winter, and seeing as I'm from the other side of the world to you, September means letting go of winter. I dread it. I'm not ready to say au revoir to bundles of duvet, pungent candles and thick jumpers. But it must be done. I can't wait for this round of tv shows--I'll keep me busy!

    1. I'd actually like to experience how it feels to have summer in december and winter in july. It must feel weird because everything would be backwards.



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