September 9, 2014

A gap year & going back to school

In light of the September theme I have going on here on Potterhead Reviews I wanted to talk about how I felt about the last couple of months and also about the future. The title is pretty self-explanatory so let's just skip the introduction and get crackin'.
gap year
A period, typically an academic year, taken by a student as a break between school and university or college education.
In my case it was kind of a necessary thing. It became pretty clear to me that the school and studies I picked weren't the right ones for me. I was not in a good place back then, not emotionally and not physically. So I quit. But instead of starting something new I decided to wait until the new school year and start fresh.

The first few months I was bored out of my mind. I was at home all the time (I seriously didn't leave the house for three months). I finally started working in March, somewhere I could stay till school began in September. I met a bunch of new people and learned a lot of new things. In all honesty I'm really grateful for the opportunity and I'm glad I didn't go straight back to school. I feel like I needed this break to focus on myself and what I want to do with my life.

In these few months I had to work, I never (not once) didn't want to get out of bed and start the day. I also never felt that pressure to look perfect and act a certain way. You know in high school everyone expects you to be a certain way and if you're not, no one really cares about you. At work I feel like I never got judged and I feel like everyone accepted me just the way I am. I learned that it doesn't matter how crazy I am or if I say stupid things or not, people will still want to be around.

I'll have to adjust, again, to a new lifestyle. I'm really out of it. I can't even remember certain things I did when I studied or even how I studied. What?! Deep down I'm afraid this new school experience will be like last year but I forbid myself to think that way. It will never be the same again. I'm getting ready for something new. I even miss having a purpose in life: getting through exams and tests and whatnot. OMG I really said it!

Well, there's my story. It's a very honest and open one but I felt like telling someone. If you are curious what I'll be doing this year: I'm trying out social studies at a school that's a fifteen minute train-ride away. I'm not too sure about it, especially since my last attempt at choosing a school and a degree went horribly wrong. But I'm not letting myself think negative. It'll be better this year.

Have any of you taken a gap year before? What was it like for you?


  1. No, I haven't, mostly because I felt I was a little too old to take a gap year. I had to resit 2 times in High school (I wasn't in a good place and that highly effected my grades) and I did VWO. I felt it was necessarily to go to my new study right away and honestly, I also didn't feel the need to take a gap year. I love school and I already knew what I wanted to do :) I think gap years are perfect if you need some time off and I truly hope this is the study for you!

    1. That's great that you already knew what you wanted! I hope this is the right study for me too.

  2. I have never taken a gap year, but I really wanted to! When I finished high school, I was only 16 (turned 17 right when I started college/HBO) so I was the right age. The only problem was that as a gap year I wanted to do a year of high school abroad and that's very expensive! I hadn't saved enough money on time xd But I think gap years can be great for figuring out what you want to do. I actually ended up nog liking the first study I chose AT ALL. I quit in December and unlike you, I didn't take the time to figure things out, I started my new (and current) study in February already. That was years ago, though, and looking back I wish I had taken the time like you! I hope you found the right study in Social studies :)

    1. I recently found out how freakin expensive it is to go to the States! It's unreal. Studying there would probably be an amazing experience though.

  3. I took a gap year last year mostly because I had to I blogged about my experience as well and mine was slightly different than yours but I can tell u that u won't find it that hard to get back into a zone where u can study and learn easily it basically just depends on your love for what u are doing:) I liked reading your post though!

    1. I had to adjust to the "school-life" a little but that didn't take long. Studying is just as I remember: not fun at all.



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