July 15, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday (#10): Favorite TV shows

Time for a new Top Ten Tuesday! Here's a list of the shows I enjoy watching the most. You'll notice I like sci-fi and fantasy but also enjoy the more mysterious shows.

Game of Thrones
I think this doesn't need very much explaining. It's the best fantasy show ever!

Superheroes! Bad-assery! Hot lead! Cute tech-girl! Reasons enough for you to watch this show. I swear to god, in the beginning I wasn't that fond of it but after about 6 episodes I was hooked. And still. Arrow now airs on television here in Belgium and I just starting watching from the beginning.

Orphan Black
Not only should you watch because the plot is amazing but also because of the fact that one actress plays 5+ different roles. And not only is that a big deal for her but also for the other actors on this show. Weirdly, I really like the science part of this show.

Teen Wolf
You either love this show or you hate it. The first two seasons were pretty cheesy but it keeps getting better since then. This show just blows your mind with every episode. It's kinda creepy now and I'm normally not into creepy stuff but I sure as heck love it when it's on Teen Wolf. Also: this show has a lot of good-looking people in it.

Once Upon a Time
Oooooh I just love the plot of this show! The characters too but it's the plot that makes everything so interesting. There are so many plot-twists and I just love it. I also love how new characters are introduced plus the costumes are to die for.

Pretty Little Liars
Mysterious, drama and sometimes a little creepy: that's PLL. I hope this show won't stretch their plot too much anymore because it's really about freaking time we know who A is.

I don't know what makes me keep watching this. It's probably the plot-twists that keep me going. Also the main character is hella smart and bad-ass.

The Lying Game
Unfortunately this show got canceled after 2 seasons but it was really good and worth mentioning in this list! The mystery in this show is similar to Pretty Little Liars (duh - it's from the same author) but at some point I thought it was better. I'd still recommend it to people but just keep in mind that you'll be left with a cliffhanger and you'll never know what happened...

The Musketeers
Look, anything that just LOOKS like it took place a few ages ago is a show that I'll be interested in. The Musketeers takes place in France in the 18th century. I haven't read much about it so far but thanks to this show I'm now very interested in that era. Extra reason to watch this show: Luke Pasqualino.

Gossip Girl
Concluded after 6 seasons so you can marathon them all without having any cliffhangers! YAY! No but seriously, I ADORE Gossip Girl. There's the drama and intrigue but there's also New York (!) and fashion (!!). I could rewatch this show endlessly... It's kind of a guilty pleasure.

Those were the ten shows I thought were worth mentioning. I watch a few others but they're either not spectacular or they got canceled.

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Game of thrones :) Also a huuuuuuge fan of OUAT. I'm not a fan of Arrow.. I'm not sure what it is. Everyone is raving about Orphan black, I need to add that one to my watch list *writes down* I'm planning to watch The musketeers soon, I like such series.




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