April 20, 2014

Spreading the Love #4 | Liked posts

STL is a non weekly feature where I mention about 5 blogs/posts/anything that I feel like sharing with you. There's a different topic every time to keep things interesting.

Ever wondered how to make a blog button? Here's a tutorial that tells you how to do it + get a HTML grab code. I don't have a blog button because I don't really see why I would need one. If you are looking to get one, then I think this tutorial will help you a lot.
This post saved my life! I didn't know too much about Captcha but after reading this post I knew I never wanted to have this on my blog. After checking it turned out I had Captcha on my blog without me ever knowing it. Now it should be turned off and I hope commenting on Potterhead Reviews isn't such a hassle anymore.
This was posted by a Dutch blog but you can just check out the websites and find out for yourself if it's something you could use. I've been using 8 tracks recently and have been really liking it. There's some websites that just play rain or nature sounds, but there's also websites that have playlists with movie soundtracks or just Top 40 music.

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1 comment:

  1. Captcha is the worst!!!!!! So glad you turned it off!!



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