April 1, 2014

March 2014 | Wrap up

In March it was a little quiet here on Potterhead Reviews. I don’t have any excuses, I simply couldn’t come up with anything interesting so I only posted book reviews (mostly). I also started working this month and since I was so used to having all day to read and browse the internet, I can’t get everything done in the evenings. I’m adapting to my new lifestyle.

I’ve also decided to quit my ‘Books of…’ feature because I have a feeling everyone’s already up to date with release dates. I’ll probably be doing something alike in the future but only about the books I’ll definitely read in the upcoming month.

Books read this month

These Broken Stars – Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner
A Feast for Crows – George R.R. Martin
Blood Promise – Richelle Mead
Quidditch through the ages – J.K. Rowling
Steelheart – Brandon Sanderson

Ignite Me – Tahereh Mafi

Books started this month

The Demon King – Cinda Williams Chima

Books I got this month

Quidditch through the ages – J.K. Rowling
Steelheart – Brandon Sanderson

Ignite Me – Tahereh Mafi

Book reviews

Other blogposts

Super Six Sunday #10: Angsty books that made my heart hurt

Do let me know what you've read this month or leave a link to your wrap up post.

PS: Can someone explain to me why there is so much HTML in my blog posts (like fragments etc)? Is this necessary or this Blogger's fault?

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  1. Are you copying your post into Blogger from anywhere? Like Microsoft Word, for example? Word likes to add random HTML, and it drove me crazy! If I didn't write a post directly in Blogger, I would copy and paste from WordPad because it doesn't do such silly things :)

    1. Oh really? Well yes I type everything in Word first, then copy into Blogger. I'll stop doing that from now on because it's really annoying! Thank you loads

    2. You're welcome! It took me a while to figure out what was causing it. It was the most annoying thing!

  2. Such a pretty book photo!

    Steelheart! I'm so excited to read it 'cause I think it's going to be awesome. Vampire Academy series is so good, I hope you enjoy all of it. I managed to read 8 books this month from which I loved Angelfall and Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.

    Blogger does add a lot of HTML and it's annoying. Usually it happens if the text has been copied and pasted.

    1. Yay happy you appreciate my photos! Steelheart's pretty good, I think you would enjoy it too. I read Angelfall a few months ago but I wasn't wow-ed :(



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