April 3, 2014

March 2014 in pictures

I'm back with another 'my month in pictures' post. Time needs to slow the fuck down. It's seriously getting out of hand. The beginning of March seems like a lifetime ago though. I could barely remember what I read in the beginning of the month. Jesus. Time flying by probably means I'm having a lot of fun so I should stop complaining. Here we go:
These Broken Stars - review coming this month // New technique I tried to finish a giant book. It worked! I'll explain in a separate post. // Trying to understand XML. Not going very well though.

This sweater is so hipster! I only got to wear it once though... the weather is getting better over here! // I love A Song of Ice and Fire // Chocolate!!

Very yummy cookies // Coding. I tried to code a tumblr theme but something seems to go wrong every. Single. Time. So frustrating when you put a lot of work into something like this and it doesn't work... // These are so delish! Even though they are meant for kids. Maybe especially because they are meant for kids.

Quidditch through the Ages was an interesting and funny read. My collection of companion novels is finally complete! // Steelheart - review coming this month // Ignite Me - okay let me take a breath - I WANT A WARNER RIGHT NAO. This book was amazing! I won't review it on my blog though. Too many people have already done that, I would just be repeating what they already said. Just remember that I LOVED it and that the Shatter Me series will forever be a favorite. Highly recommend.

How did your month go?

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  1. Chocolate cow and Chocolate chip cookies *yuuuuum*

    Yes, those books from George Martin are gigantic!

  2. How is that technique going for you with the giant ASOIAF books? I have marked my books every 50 pages in an attempt to spur me on. So far it hasn't worked, but I'm determined to get back into it this month XD

    1. I have a post scheduled for tomorrow where I talk about it in detail but it worked for me!



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