March 16, 2014

Have you seen Star-Crossed?

The CW is premiering a few new shows this spring that sound really interesting. One of them is Star Crossed which is about aliens crashing on earth and them trying to fit in 10 years later. I enjoy this show, it’s totally my cup of tea. I like romance and I like mystery and so far this show has given me both.

The Atrian’s ship crashed on earth in 2014 (the story is set in the future – in 2024) and a lot of the Atrians got killed that day because the humans thought it was an invasion. Roman, a little boy, managed to get away from the ship and hid in a shed in the backyard of a human family’s house. The little girl that lives in the house finds Roman and they become friends. Somehow the humans learn that there’s an Atrian hiding in the shed and they come in to take the boy away. 10 years later the two meet again when a group of 7 Atrians are permitted to attend high school.

Obviously Roman and the girl (which I will call Emery from now on – because that’s her name) will get involved with each other. Even the show’s poster gives that away. The Atrians haven’t really ‘mingled’ with the humans yet. In fact they live in a separate part of the city that is extremely protected. The humans also haven’t accepted the Atrians yet and vice versa (in some cases). So it’s kinda hard for the two to be together. There’s a lot going on actually but I don’t want to give away too much.

I think Star Crossed will get a lot of competition once The 100 premieres though. This show is also about space-ships and more sci-fi (more or less) and is based on a book series written by Kass Morgan. So here’s why I’m almost certain it won’t work out. Both shows are about alien species crashing on earth and trying to survive in our society/on our planet. AND since Star Crossed doesn’t seem to reach the wanted/needed amount of views it is likely that the show will get canceled anyway. I’m not saying that I’m waiting for it to happen but I think it’s inevitable. This show has an interesting base, it’s just that the writers are taking their time building up tension and that’s what’s going to be the downfall of this show. The concepts are too similar to be able to be both successful.

After watching the first episode I had a feeling that this show won’t last long. Agreed, aliens are interesting and I think the Atrians have what it takes to stay interesting for the viewers. There are aspects about them that can be explored more, their history is still very vague, etc. So far nothing shocking has happened and I think that’s what this show needs right now. A huge plot twist, cliffhangers, ... that kind of thing. Something that’ll attract viewers and make them loyal.

If you like sci-fi, romance and high school drama (especially those last two – love triangle alert!) then I would recommend this show to you. Don’t get too attached to it, because this show hasn’t been renewed for a second season yet, let alone an entire first season. I really hope they will pick up the first season because this show has a lot of potential and I just really like it! I hope I’m wrong with my presumptions but I also gotta stay realistic.

Have you checked out Star-Crossed? What are your thoughts?

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