March 7, 2014

Book clubs & mood reading

I’d like to discuss something that popped into my head literally 5 seconds ago. I was just checking out what’s new on Goodreads and remembered that I joined the YA Book Club on there about a year ago or so. Truth is: I never read the ‘assigned’ reads for the month and I rarely comment on any threads.  I thought to myself: why don’t I read along? The answer: “Because I don’t feel like reading that book right now”.

I’m a mood reader. I read what I feel like reading in that moment. Do I want action? Romance? A big book? A light book? Do I want magic? It all depends on what mood I’m in. If I were to read along with that book club every month I don’t think I’d enjoy the books as much as if I were to read them when I wanted to.

So what’s the point of me being in a book club? I could make an effort and read along but I don’t see the point in it anymore. There are 5000+ people in this group so what difference will my tiny comment make? None. So why even bother typing one, eh?

I’ll probably leave the groups I’m in right after I finished up this small discussion. I would be more engaged in a book club if it was a small group of people or if we met in person to talk about the books we read. I’m not on Goodreads frequently enough to keep up to date with everything that’s going on in those groups. And I was never good with assigned reading anyway.

How about you? Are you a mood reader? Are you in a book club? How is that working out for you?

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  1. I'm definitely a mood reader too! I was in the book club above, but resigned from it because I was doing the exact same thing as you - nothing. I've always loved the idea of being in a book club, but I don't think I could force myself to read the assigned book if I really didn't want to. It all depends on my mood, which is exactly why I gave up on setting a monthly TBR too. :)

    1. I don't have monthly TBR's for the same reason. I just know I'll end up reading something else...

  2. I'm exactly the same way. The fact that I'm a mood reader is most likely why I end up disliking books I have to read for school, because I'm being forced to read them!

    1. Exactly! I literally liked 1 book out of the 20+ assigned books I had to read during my high school career. Not even kidding.

  3. I'm in a book club with three close friends of mine, and it really helps that we're such a tight-knit group because we can nag each other until we read the book. Our excitement tends to be contagious as well, which really helps to get me reading, despite being a giant mood reader myself. I joined the YA Book Club about three years ago, and it wasn't for me. I think part of the problem was that it was such a huge group, and I didn't feel obligated to read the picks since hundreds of other people were already discussing them. I guess that's kind of weird and silly of me.

  4. I'm definitely a mood-reader (it's one of the reasons I read several books at the same time), but I'm still part of a real-life book club. I think it's different if you are closer with the group instead of being in a club with 5000 members. We have one day each month where we come together to discuss the book we've read, so I'm actually always excited to try it :) We don't always have success with the book, haha, but it's fun to talk about it.



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