February 23, 2014

DISCUSSION | What I look for in a book blog

My Spreading the Love post inspired me to think about why I followed those blogs and I came to the conclusion that it’s mostly for the same reasons. Today I want to talk about what I look for in a book blog and what makes me follow them.

We’re all familiar with the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, right? We judge more than just books by their covers, let’s be honest about it. Personally, I also judge blogs by their covers (aka the lay out and the graphics). I’m sure lots of people do it and I believe it’s a natural thing to do. Because we don’t want to read a blog with an unreadable font or a black background with white font. That just doesn’t work.

A header is important because it’s the first thing you see when you visit a blog. It has to leave a positive impression and it should resemble the overall theme of your blog. I also like it when the sidebar isn’t flooded with widgets and countdowns and whatnot. And lastly: unique graphics give the blog a personal feel. It looks like the blogger did effort to make his/her posts look nice.

Of course the blog needs to appeal to me content-wise as well. I won’t follow if the only thing I like about the blog is the look. I follow people who have a similar taste in books as me because that’s just more fun to read. You have something in common and you can talk about it with them. That’s what it’s all about. I also like it when the blogger discusses different topics often. I love commenting on those and reading other people’s opinions.

Something I avoid: loads of ARC reviews and blog tours. I don’t mind them every once in a while but I don’t feel like clicking away every post on my feed that you put up. I don’t read ARC reviews because I usually don’t know the book at all or because I don’t want someone else’s opinion (possibly spoilers!) on a book I’d like to read in the future. If you like ARC’s, that’s okay. But it’s not my thing.

I also appreciate it when the book blogger talks about something else besides books sometimes. I’m sure none of us book blogger’s lives revolve around just books. This could be a whole ‘nother discussion and maybe I’ll talk about it later on some time. There are bloggers out there that think they can’t talk about anything else than books on their book blog. I think you can.

Now you tell me! What do you look for in a book blog?

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  1. I also judge a blog by their design, it's just so hard not to. I don't mind ARC reviews but if a blog has a ton of blog tours, blasts, etc then I probably won't follow them. I hate when my feed is covered in blog tours! Great discussion :)

  2. What I find most important about a design is how readable it is. If someone has a black background and neon bright text, I just don't read it. I try to be less influenced by design, because everyone has different taste :) Content is very important. I don't follow blogs with only tours/reveals/memes. I like discussion posts, personal stuff, fun own features, etc.

  3. I love a clean, well designed blog with reviews that I can easily read and are well written!

    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  4. I like a clean design and similar book tastes. And I also have some other dealbreakers... but they sound kind of harsh when I type them out, so I'll just keep those in my head :) Your blog is pretty... and I also like a unique name, which you've got!!

  5. There are so many book blogs so a nice blog design really helps to make me interested AND to make me remember the blog, because there are so many it's hard to keep track sometimes! For me, your header definitely helped in piquing my interest in your blog when I first came upon it, because I think it's very pretty. But like you, I won't just stay around for a beautiful blog design. I need to like the content too!



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