January 21, 2014

NEW IN | The Diviners by Libba Bray

In my January Book Haul video I showed you  my unboxing of the The Diviners by Libba Bray. I bought this book with the money I got for Christmas. When ordering my books online I prefer The Book Depository because you can get your books for fairly cheap there. I always order off the UK website because it's closer to where I live and I think I get it faster. It still took over a week to get here though.

I ordered The Diviners on a whim to be honest. This book is very popular in the Booktube community, not so much in the book blogging community. So far I have only heard positive things about it and I so I hope I will like it as well. Another confession: I don't know anything about it. Doesn't matter because it means I will have no prejudices. I do have high hopes though. 

As you can see I got the hardback edition and I'm so glad I did! The outside AND inside of this book is absolutely beautiful. I am aware that there are other editions on the market and I KNOW the next book has the worst cover change in history. I'm contemplating reading the sequals on my ereader. I mean nothing is yet very official but for now it looks like we have another cover change fiasco on our hands.

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  1. I have no idea why the publisher decided on the cover change, but it does indeed look like all the rest in the series will be along those lines. :(

    The hardcover is even more gorgeous than the first paperback! I love it!

    1. So annoying when publishers change the covers :(



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