December 28, 2013

What were my goals for 2013?

Now that 2013 is almost over, I want to look back on what I accomplished this year. I didn't make resolutions at the beginning of the year because I know myself: I never stick to those things. What I did instead is print out sets of we heart it pictures that would inspire me to do things. Today I'm going to talk about the ones that did happen and the ones that still need improvement.

Something that didn't happen: dye my hair. In the end I didn't do it because I felt like it was getting really 'mainstream' and that it would go out of style really soon. My hair is already blond and dip-dying it would probably not look as fabulous as it does on brown hair.

I also wanted to give my jewellery more love. I bought a lot of earrings and above the knuckle rings this year. I also wanted to completely stay true to myself and wear whatever the heck I want, to wherever I want. And I did!

I also wanted to read a lot of books this year and I did a good job on that. I read almost 60 books this years so I'm very proud of myself. Taking more photos and getting really creative was on the list as well and I made some pretty cool photos this year.

The other thing that I really wanted to do this year was going out more often. Clubs and late night partying aren't my thing, I've tried many times and I never worked. I don't mind a relaxed evening with friends though and that's something I did quite often.

I didn't travel much this year but I don't really mind that. I'm kind of tired of travelling every monday and friday and hauling a suitcase twice a week.

In the end I did a lot of the things I put on this 'list'. I'm very happy about it and I hope I can continue doing these things. You should let me know if you make these kinds of vision-boards to inspire you. Or if you made resolutions in the beginning of the year.

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