December 23, 2013

Things I am grateful for

A few weeks ago it was Thanksgiving and I was going to do the Top Ten Tuesday meme that week but I didn't get around to finishing that blog post on time. I decided to save it for a later date because being thankful/grateful shouldn't be just a one-day-thing. I think we should be grateful everyday for what we have. We also don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe (or at least the majority doens't), I feel like our 'thanksgiving-day' is on Christmas. More or less. Anyway, here's a list of the things I'm grateful for!

Being able to afford a decent education
Education is freaking expensive. Too expensive. In a world like this one, you can’t get anywhere without a diploma and the only way of getting one is to go to university or college or whatever and work your butt off. I’m grateful I can do this, that I can pay for it but that doesn’t mean I think it’s fair towards some less fortunate people. It’s also a crap load of money for what you get: you can’t have a (social) life anymore if you want to be on top of your work.

Having a loving family that’s there to help you out anytime.

Being able to watch my favorite TV shows online
If it weren’t for the internet, I wouldn’t be able to watch all these amazing shows. If you don’t live in the States you’re quite unfortunate when it comes to American shows and where I live it sometimes takes over a year for a show to be played here. The Vampire Diaries is like 1 or 2 seasons behind so… Maybe it’s a little stupid but I really enjoy sitting down and catching up on my favorite shows.

Having a roof over my head
Because not all of the people on this planet are that fortunate…

Graduating from high school
… with an incredibly low score on mathematics. There was a moment when I doubted I would be through because my maths final was a catastrophe. And yes, I didn’t get a very good score but thankfully I got through. Oh my lord.

Getting my driver’s license at the first try
I think I got insanely lucky on that day.

My book collection
Not everyone is able to have a nice collection of books, let’s face it. I'm grateful for mine.

What are you grateful for? Did you celebrate Thanksgiving?

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