November 12, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (#7): Covers I want to redesign

This week’s TTT will probably not count 10 items but I still wanted to mention a few covers that I would change if I had the chance.

Violet: heldin van de duisternis (The Dark Heroine, #1)Pretty Little Liars series (the Dutch translations)
I mentioned this series in my Girls on Covers discussion video where I talk about how ridiculous this series covers are. I’d much prefer to own the US editions but they aren’t available around here. These covers are colorful and cheery but I don’t seem to get why there’s girls on these covers looking like they are up to some scheming. It also doesn’t make sense because on the eight books that are out already, there’s always a different girl on them and there are only so many female character they can be representing. So I think these covers are stupid and pointless and that’s why I’d change them.

Dinner with a Vampire (the Dutch translation: 'Violet')
Divergent (Divergent, #1)Nothing about this cover feels right. I can’t explain it but something about that girl on there is not okay, it feels out of place. It also doesn’t look very appealing. If I hadn’t heard positive things about this book I wouldn’t have picked it up.

Divergent trilogy (the UK covers)
I don’t like the overall look of these versions. I don’t understand why they would change the covers in the UK, the original ones are so pretty!

De Hongerspelen (De Hongerspelen, #1)The Hunger Games (the Dutch paperbacks)
These things are freaking hideous, I’m not even joking. I put them in the back of my closet so I wouldn’t see them. There just wrong in all sorts of ways. I’m also not entirely sure about UK covers of THG btw.

Some contemporary novels
There are some contemporary books that have the cheesiest covers and it makes me feel uncomfortable. Just no. Make a book look appealing, not look like a cheap romance.

The Chaos Walking trilogy (the Dutch translations)

I recently had a good look at the paperback editions of the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness and my god are they terrible. They’re so loud! And maybe they thought that would be appropriate (if you know anything about the story you’ll get what I’m saying here) but it’s kind of awful what they did… If you want to see them for yourselves, keep an eye on the blog because I’ll show them later this week in a haul.

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