October 18, 2013

Uni update #4

So because I have way more time now, I have actually been able to do some studying and get some work done the last two weeks. Overall it's been great because I'm really interested in the stuff I'm studying so it's a little easier to memorize it. I've also found out what subjects are a pain in the ass and which ones aren't. I really enjoy my literature and philosophy classes and I actually really enjoy reading my philosophy book. I hope that because I'm motivated to study it, it will be easier to get through my exams of these subjects. Motivation is half of the work in my opinion. 

I'm starting to get used to being here on my own. Mondays are always the hardest because that's the day I leave for the week. I still love my home, you know. But during the week, the hardest parts are getting up in the morning and being alone. It's more fun when there's someone with you, it motivates you to get out of bed and go to class. Since I've got my new laptop, I'm taking it everywhere with me. When I'm cooking and eating it's on my kitchen table playing a YouTube video or something and when I go to bed I take it with me just to check a few websites before going to sleep. MacBook Pro's are supposed to have 7h of battery life but I think I might have to dim the display more because the battery actually dies quicker than it should. I’m also concerned about the amount of GB I have on the Internet. My Internet is limited to 20GB a month and I don’t know how much I’ve already used. I know YouTube videos download a lot so I’ve been trying not to watch my entire subscription box.

Now I’m back home for the weekend, I hope it’ll be a productive one. I also hope I can get some blog posts typed because I’m slowly running out of scheduled posts… Inspiration, where you at? It sucks I don’t have my camera with me during the week because I would be taking pictures non stop! Now I have crappy iPhone pictures (thanks the –ahum- amazing lighting I have). Oh and I still need a laptop sleeve. And I want to go the annual book convention in Antwerp in November.  

Well, that’s it for this week. I’m feeling much better and I’m more confident about the whole situation now so YAY.

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