October 12, 2013

Uni Update #3: first week, loneliness and photos

A week has passed and a lot has happened. On Monday I went into ‘the apartment’ for the work week aka school week. It didn’t feel right and I didn’t feel at home quite yet. The place is entirely decorated with things I love (blankets! Lots of em) and some of my stuff from home is there too but it takes a while before you actually feel comfortable. Monday I also got lost for the second time, this time by bike. I seriously do not understand myself sometimes. Anyway, I made it on time and that’s most important. On Tuesday I had class in the morning and afterwards I went grocery shopping for myself for the first time. I needed a list to remember what I should get (this is where the memories thingy app comes in handy – I seriously don’t get why people don’t use this app, it’s my savior). Most packages are meant for at least two people so I have enough left-overs for the next week (if it’s still edible by then). For the rest of the day I stayed in my little bedroom, working on some stuff. I seriously love the philosophy book were supposed to read. I need to push myself to put it down and study for another class. I never thought I would find it so interesting. The other classes are less interesting. I have a literature class that’s pretty cool too but the others are just mediocre-interesting. On Wednesday I had class the entire day so there wasn’t much to happen. I still haven’t made actual friends even though I have talked to multiple people. They just don’t seem to stick. I’m not the person that talks to everyone they come across and that’s probably while I’m still on my own so much. I do have friends in three classes though, one being my friend from high school. Those classes are the most fun.

Thursday was a little bit of a sad day. I got up and worked for school till about 2pm and then slowly got ready for my class at 4pm. It’s the literature class and I really enjoy it but this time it was a little less exciting somehow. Last week it was about Dante and his Inferno and this actually encouraged me to pick up Inferno by Dan Brown. At least I’ll get what I’m reading now. Anyway, later in the day I went to an event organized by err… I guess it’s called a landlord. There was free food. And there would be other students present and I thought it would be best if I attended and maybe made some friends, perhaps meet some of the people that live in the same house as me. However, I was alone the entire time while others came in groups and had fun etc. None of my ‘house-mates’ showed up and no one talked to me. It was a sad sight. I don’t get why they wouldn’t come. I mean you get free food. But no, I didn’t meet anyone there and I left quite early. It’s not like I’m hiding away from them but my house-mates just don’t seem interested in general. When I was moving in, no one showed up asking if I was the new girl or if they could help with something. That’s what I would do when I saw someone was moving in in my building. I’m not gonna worry about it any longer. I’m typing this now just because I want to get it off my chest. On Friday I went home for the weekend. My suitcase wasn’t big enough to fit all of my stuff *sad face*. I’m  really happy to be back home again because it’s just… it’s home. Over there I’m all by myself the entire day and all I do there is eat, study, sleep and do the dishes. This weekend I’m going to look for a lighter and smaller laptop to take with me everytime (this made my suitcase really heavy and it’s just big and bulky and impractical) and I’m also gonna study of course.

I feel like these uni updates are just depressing and sad and sometimes I think you all are thinking this is a call for attention or that I’m asking for sympathy. It isn’t. I’m just someone who likes to write about their feelings, even though no one might even read them. Talking about what bothers you helps with processing it and just expressing your feelings in general is a good thing. If you don’t like reading about personal things, than you shouldn’t. I’m not asking you to read this, it’s just there for whenever you wanted to/whoever wanted to. With these updates I’m talking about my experiences in university, how it’s going for me. It’s also a way for me to capture this moment in my life for whenever I want to look back on it in a few years time (if my blog is still up – which it will). So if you don’t enjoy reading these, you don’t have to. I have other fun stuff on my blog as well.

Here are some pictures of my bedroom. I also have a kitchen and bathroom but those aren't that interesting and I haven't exactly decorated those areas...

I will eventually take my camera there and make good photos but that's not for anytime soon. In fact I thought I'd do this at the end of the school year when I leave this place.

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