October 5, 2013

Uni Update #2: the move

On Tuesday I got the keys to my second home. I'm still not sure what to call it because I'm positive that you don't have this sort of thing in every country. It's basically a very small apartment and let's just keep calling it 'my apartment' for now. The reason I moved is because it's much closer to where I go to school. In my first uni update I talked about the amount of time I lose on travelling for point A to B and back.

We also started cleaning and moving in some furniture last tuesday. The apartment had clearly been empty for a while because it needed a clean - like... very much. Or the previous owner was just a nasty person. It could be for all I know. We didn't get much further than cleaning up the bedroom, the windows and a part of the kitchen.

I went to school by train for another week. It was less exhausting but I noticed that I've actually lost weight because I haven't eaten that well the last two weeks. I've also had a lot of stress and haven't felt well for a few days. Now I've caught a cold too. I'm really not trying to get anyone depressed by this post (lol)!

I haven't studied for one minute in these two weeks while I really should have. There just wasn't time to do anything. Only in the weekends do I have some time but not enough to study for every class.

Today, Saturday, we went back and cleaned up the rest of the apartment. The furniture has been put together (oh Ikea...), the bed's made, the printer installed, the kitchen cleaned and the cupboards filled up, etc. It's ready to be lived in apart from the occasional bug or fly that might just be living there right now. The front door has been open all afternoon and it would be a miracle if nothing came inside. On Monday I move in. I will be there from Monday afternoon till Friday around noon and then I'll go home for the weekend.

I will get another laptop soon because the one I'm typing this on right now weighs about 3kg and is huge and just so unpractical to travel around with. I'll probably get a Macbook pro because that one's much lighter. I also plan on using that laptop for a long time. This one is already about 3-4 years old and has been acting up every once in a while. That way I don't feel like I'm wasting my money. I'll have to install Windows on it though because I'll need Word and all that kind of stuff.

I'll probably make some pictures of the apartment next week and then I'll share them on here. For now, that's it for the update.

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