October 1, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (#5): Book Turn-Offs

In this Top Ten Tuesday I'm gonna talk about some things that I don't like in/about books. 

Inappropriate sex scenes
In YA fiction you don’t come across graphic sex scenes that often which I think is fine because I feel like it’s rather unfitting for this genre. When I read Dinner with a Vampire by Abigail Gibbs, a book that happens to have a graphic sex scene, that was honestly a turn-off for me. I thought it didn’t fit and it was inappropriate. It’s not like I’m not used to anything… I read A Song of Ice and Fire mmmkay.

Long intros
I want books to start immediately. I want action from the beginning. I don’t like it when the first 50 pages is world building or background stories because it simple turns me off.

Fan fiction
This is not a book (I heard the only exception is 50 Shades of Grey but I can’t judge that) but it is a story and I don’t like it. I don’t read fan fiction simply because it changes my view on the story and the characters. People sometimes come up with the weirdest and sometimes grossest ships ever. An example of a ship I don’t like at all: Sansa and The Hound. WHY?! NO!

Boring passages
This ties in with the long intros a little. Sometimes you have these super long, boring chapters in a book where there is no conversation, there is nothing happening at all, etc. That’s a turn-off. Give me action.

Some blurbs are so deceiving… I’ve had this quite a few times where I’ll read the blurb, decide I’m not interested, hear a complete different summary from someone who has read it and then end up reading the book and loving it. Blurbs are supposed to spark your interest!

Required reading
Once a book is required, it’s not as fun to read it anymore. Forcing a book on me has the reversed effect.

Shallow protagonist
If the protagonist doesn’t have a decent character than it’s already done for me. A good book needs a good protagonist, preferably one with character development.

Far-fetched scenario’s
I like fantasy and sometimes it can get pretty crazy in that type of books. I can handle some weird-ness but when it crosses the line and it’s just far-fetched and not enjoyable to read then I put down the book.

Rushed pace
When things happen way too quickly or they’re not explained thoroughly enough then I will most likely put the book down. I want to understand what I’m reading and when it all happens very quickly, I can’t do that.

The cover
I judge books by their covers and I’m not denying it at all. When the cover isn’t that nice or interesting I probably won’t even read the blurb. Something I shouldn’t do but let’s be honest… you do it too!

Make your own Top Ten list or let me know in a comment what turns you off when it comes to bookish things!

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