October 20, 2013

Super Six Sunday (#7): Favorite Book Couples


Letting you know before you continue reading that there are SPOILERS AHEAD. I talk about very well known book couples but you never know! So, let’s get on with it.

Ron & Hermione
If we’re gonna talk about book couples than this one MUST be on it. I love Ron and Hermione, more than the other couples in the books. I actually didn’t like Harry and Ginny that much, or at least not in Half-Blood Prince. About the other couples: we don’t necessary see their relationships develop. I thought Lupin and Tonks were cute but we weren’t as invested in their relationship as we were in Ron and Hermiones.


Will & Tessa
From the minute these two met I was shipping it… hard. And then I read Clockwork Prince and I swear I could have thrown the book out the window but it was an e-book so I’d destroy my e-reader and so I didn’t do it. But damn! Thankfully Clockwork Princess came around…

Tris & Tobias
I don’t know what Tobias sees in Tris exactly but as a couple they are amazing. There’s so much chemistry between these two it’s insane. Gosh I loved Divergent… They’re also really realistic because they fight over serious things. I’ve read about some really dramatic fights over stupid things but not in Divergent.

Rose & Dimitri
I’m only at book two at this point but I want these two to be together so badly. I might have read some spoilers and I may or may not already know what’s going to happen to Dimitri but I’m still shipping it, deep down in my heart. It needs to happen.

Percy & Annabeth
Is a caption really needed here? Two characters couldn’t me more made for each other than Percy and Annabeth. I feel like I haven’t read about a love so true ever in my life. And if you don’t agree: read The Mark of Athena and then come back.

Lola & Cricket
One of the cutest couples I’ve read about so far. I haven’t read that many contemporary books yet so I’m going with a really popular choice. Gosh I love Cricket for the way he just doesn’t care in what costume Lola walks her dog or goes to school and how he’s just THE PERFECT NEIGHBOUR. As you can tell I’m not over this book yet.

Leave a comment telling me what you’re favorite book couples are OR participate in this weeks Super Six Sunday (link at the top of the post).

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Ron and Hermione?! I did not get that far in the series I have to admit. However, I like that it's not all about Harry on your list. He's the star of the books all right, but let's face it, he wouldn't be such a success without his friends backing him up.

    Cheers, Kat :)

  2. I totally agree with Ron/Hermione, Tris/Tobias, and Percy/Annabeth. I JUST finished Insurgent the other day! I loved it!

    Here's mine: http://brigittewhoareviews.blogspot.com/2013/10/super-six-sunday-super-6-favorite-book.html

  3. I love Ron & Hermione, Tris & Tobias, Will & Tessa, and Percabeth. Awesome list!

    Emma @ Spun With Words

  4. HeheYES for Ron and Hermione and I agree, I wasn't the biggest fan of Harry and Ginny. More so in the movies.. there they were cute. But the real chemistry was between Ron and Hermione.

    Who are Lola and Cricket? Which book do I need to read to meet them?? Is it Lola and the Boy next door? Looved Anna and The French Kiss :)

    1. Yes it's Lola and the Boy Next Door. Anna and St. Clair are also in this book!



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