October 2, 2013

September 2013 in pictures

Playing hide and seek, are we? | Finally read Shadow and Bone | Trying out this new snack by Milka. Didn't like it that much though.

Already falling apart... | I did some shopping in Antwerp YAY | Love these above the knuckle rings (I will or I'll already have put up a post about them)

Taking the blankets out again. We can snuggle into our blankies from now on | First day of school on the 23rd | They gave me a goodiebag (for a reason I don't know) and this was in it! CAMELOT! Only the first two episodes though... BUT CAMELOT!

I got a wax burner! It smells so nice in my room now | My TBR jar I made this month | Bits and pieces I found laying around that'll come in handy when I partly 'move out'

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