October 7, 2013

BEAUTY | Rimmel London Kate Moss 107

The 107 by Kate Moss is probably one of the most popular lipsticks Rimmel has ever sold. I first saw it on Zoella and later on various fashion and beauty blogs. I was curious to know why so many women (and possibly also men) love this shade so much so I picked it up at my local drugstore and today’s the day I’ll be reviewing it for you. 

My first impression of this lipstick was a) that’s a very dark shade and b) the packaging is so light. When first opening up the tube and looking at the color I was a little thrown off by how dark it looks in the bullet. It’s like a bordeaux/dark red/wine color and much darker and maybe more purple-y than I expected.
 The other thing is the packaging itself: it feels light, very plastic-y and cheap. I feel like it’s shatter into a million pieces if I would happen to drop it. I hope that doesn’t happen though…

I also noticed that the lipstick smells like watermelon or something. It has the same scent as my Apocalips (which is also by Rimmel). It’s nothing like your standard lipstick smells that are so chemical smelling! I can appreciate that. Thanks Rimmel!
The color turns out to be a tad bit lighter than what you’d expect from just looking at the bullet. Pigmentation is also A+ and the lipstick doesn’t feel dry at all while they are supposed to be matte lipsticks. They’re not completely matte, there’s a little bit of shine visible.

I feel like this is the perfect Christmas/winter color and I think I’ll be wearing it the most around that time. I’m not comfortable wearing this out and about yet because it seems that red is still frowned upon in some societies. I just need more confidence that’s all.

Lipstick retails for €9,50

Let me know what you think of this shade and whether or not you’d wear it out.

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