September 28, 2013

Uni Update - week 1

If you read my blog a lot/daily you’ve probably seen some real depressing posts lately. My apologies if I annoyed any of you with it. My tweets have also been negative and meh. There’s a reason for that and I’ll explain it later on in this blog post. I’m also going to share what my experience has been so far at university so if you are interested in that: keep reading.

I feel like there isn’t much information around about going to university and what to expect. Yes, a lot of clichés like ‘it’s the best time of your life’ or ‘you’re gonna have to study so hard’ but not real helpful information or experiences. I’m in my first year, studying history. I have lectures at different hours every day and I currently have 9 lectures. The hours are the most impractical thing ever. I mean it. Sometimes I start at 4 pm or at 10am or at 8:30am and I end on different hours as well. One time a week I’m there till 9pm (!!). I sleep irregularly, eat irregularly and am travelling most of the day. It’s not healthy anymore.


We decided early on that in my first year I would go by train every day because we’d been warned by different other students that you can get quite lonely when you rent a room around campus. I also didn’t feel like I was ready to live on my own already and honestly: I would miss home a lot.

Now that my first week is over I can say that taking the train every day to get there is a hell and a lot tougher than you might think. I’m away for around 6 hours when I have a lecture of only 3h. That’s insane. I never thought I would lose this much time. You might think now: why don’t you do something on the train? Good question. I didn’t have work yet this week and I still felt like a zombie after class. I’m either getting up in the middle of the night to be able to catch the train or I’m getting home late at night because I had class till the evening. I have a lot of respect for those of you who take the train and that are able to keep up with everything and be able to live a healthy lifestyle because I couldn’t do it. Only a week and I was a wreck. I nearly fell asleep where I stood and I kept crying for no reason. Well, there was a reason but it wasn’t the reason I cried (if that makes sense). I can’t imagine in what state I’d be if I kept living like this for 11 more weeks.
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The people around me notice that I’m not happy anymore and that I’m quiet and sleepy all the time. I think they will understand that something needs to change. Yesterday we started contacting several people who have rooms for rent still and today we went looking at a few. Luckily I have found something quite decent in a quiet area for a relatively good price. Of course hiring a room will cost you moneyz and if you are, like me, looking around this time of year it’s gonna be more expensive than when you do it in spring and summer. Practically everyone is already settled in and the best places are already gone. I think I’m quite lucky that I have found something this decent. It’s a little far from where my campus is but 10 minutes by bike or 1h by train etc… the choice is easily made.

As for friends and social contacts, I haven’t quite found someone yet. Or at least not anyone that studies the same thing as me. I’m alone most of the time which doesn’t exactly boost my mood. Three times a week I have the same classes as my friend from high school and honestly those are the only lectures I look forward to. I hope I can make some friends soon.

A lot will change of course. Today we bought loads of stuff I’ll need at my new place. I tried to get things that were either scandalously cheap or things I will use for a very long time, even when I decide to live on my own in a few years. I feel like I robbed my parent’s bank account but on the other hand… I have everything I need and hopefully I’ll be able to use all of it either in the next few years or in the future in my own house. That way all of this is an investment. I will be home during the weekends and I’ll probably Skype with home daily for the next few weeks. It will be hard for me to leave for so long and I will probably be homesick in the beginning but I hope it will all be worth it in the end. - Endless Entertainment & Humor

I’m hoping to have more time for myself now because I feel like I didn’t get ANYTHING done this past week. It was getting up, leaving for class, getting back late and going to bed. I haven’t read anything all week, I haven’t snacked anything good all week, etc. By living much closer I hope this will all change.

That’s it for this post. I think I’ll do this every weekend for a weeks because I need to talk about this, write it off and I feel like I might help someone out there by writing all of this. Even if it’s just one person. This post is reeaallly long but I had a lot to say. Now I’m gonna watch some TV or type other blog posts or just anything that has nothing to do with school.

Until next time!
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