September 7, 2013

BEAUTY | L'Oréal Aminexil: an update

A few months ago I made a post on this product that was supposed to reduce my hair loss problem. Today I’m here to tell you how I’ve been using it and if it actually works…

What it claims to be/do:
An ‘advanced double action anti-thinning hair programme’ with the elements Aminexil (1,5%) that ‘helps maintain the density of thinning hair and reduce the rate of hair loss’ and Oméga 6 (0,1%) that ‘helps nourish the hair fibre’. On the box it also says that 98% of the users was satisfied with the results.

What do you get:
10 bottles with a water-like liquid in it that has a mild odor and a roll-on applicator that you can re-use on all of the bottles. There’s 6ml in each little bottle and I can do two ‘treatments’ with only 1 bottle.

How does it work:
The instructions in the box tell you there’s two ways to do this treatment. One is an intensive programme where you use one dose/bottle a day for 6 weeks (the box has only enough for less than 2 weeks) and there’s also a maintenance programme: 3 doses a week for 8 weeks. I did neither of these programmes and did my own thing with it.

I used a bottle a week and used it every Wednesday and Saturday (I wash my hair 3 times a week). I use one half of the bottle to do my entire scalp, the entire bottle would be a little too much if you ask me. I section my hair (the top) into, let’s say 5 sections from one ear to the other. I apply the dose and massage it in. Then I flip my hair over so I’m practically upside-down and apply the dose on the lower side of my head toward my neck and also on my crown. Then I massage it in again to make sure it’s all spread out. Then I let my hair dry. It doesn’t make your hair greasy at all.

This is what I did with my first pack. My hair was still falling out quite a bit. I find that it does work but very slowly. There isn’t a significant difference between when I used this product and when I’m not. With my second pack I only used it once a week but since I didn’t really see a difference, I kinda forgot to do it a few times until I just completely stopped. I still pull quite a few hairs out every morning so I don’t think Aminexil made a difference.

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