July 23, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (#2): Top Ten Words/Topics That Will Make You NOT pick up a book

Erotic/fifty shades of grey type of books
I might have the wrong opinion about fifty shades (SM, Twilight fan fiction) but I haven’t read it and I don’t want to read it so I can’t really judge here. I’m not into this type of books, I like magic and swords and dystopians way better. What puts me off even more is that authors bring out they’re Fifty Shades of Grey rip-offs on the market now and the titles all sound the same and are obviously – like more obvious than this it can not get – inspired by this famous trilogy.

Since I read the Fallen series and disliked it I feel kind of put off by this theme now. I know I shouldn’t base my thoughts on just one series that happened to be a letdown for me and I’m going to read an angel-book soon again but I can’t help it. Angels don’t sound good anymore.

 Fallen (Fallen, #1)Torment (Fallen, #2)Passion (Fallen, #3)Rapture (Fallen, #4)

Spirits and/or ghosts
Make me scared. I start to believe they are real after a while and I went through a fase like that where I was uncomfortable all the time because I thought some ghost was watching me. No ghosts or spirits please. Unless they are on the good side.

Perfect characters
I know you can’t spot it just from reading the title or the blurb but this does put me off BIG TIME. I want characters that are flawed. If a male character is introduced as ‘hot’ and ‘rich’ and ‘perfect’ I’m already like: pls gurl no. I can’t help it.

Aliens, space
For some odd reason I stay away from books about space and I don’t know why. It just that it sounds kind of impossible to tell a story, a good one, that takes place in space where there is pretty much nowhere for us humans to stay. The only exception is when it takes place in a spacecraft but then again I feel like that’s impossible. Maybe I should just read a book like that and see if it’s possible or not.
I'm aware Star Trek is in a spacecraft but I don't know what that is about. Let's conclude that I should give this theme a try.

Stories like ‘The Princess Diaries’ just don’t interest me at all. I’m not that into the girly, princesses, pink, fluff, etc.

This genre in general isn’t my favorite because I feel like they’re all about the same theme: finding eternal love, the perfect relationship, … I don’t mind reading one every now and then (read: once or twice a year) but to only read these types of books ever is like ughhh. Don’t you get depressed after a while because you won’t ever find your love or because these characters are so happy together and you just sit there like mew?

Please don’t make me explain. It’s just not a theme that makes me want to pick up the book and read it.

I’ll never grab for a thriller voluntarily. I either stumble upon it or I don’t read it. The genre just doesn’t spark my interest.

Mean girls/boarding schools
Just no.

Tell me what topics make you not pick up a book or join Top Ten Tuesday and make a post on your own blog. I'd like to read it!

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  1. Good list, I also hate erotica and I've never read a book about an angel but I feel like I wouldn't like it.

  2. Ik neem ook niet makkelijk chicklits of thrillers mee, meestal alleen als iemand me ze persoonlijk heeft aangeraden.

    Ik had het ook niet zo goed voor met de Fallen serie, maar ik kan engelen boeken wel appreciƫren. Onlangs heb ik Unearthly en Hallowed van Cynthia Hand gelezen en die waren ronduit fantastisch (en de humor deed me denken aan The Mortal Instruments), dus die zou ik willen aanraden aangezien je van plan bent binnenkort nog een engelenboek te lezen. Ik wil niet opdringerig zijn, maar ze zijn echt goed :)

    1. Ik wist niet dat de Unearthly serie over engelen ging, thanks voor de suggestie!



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