July 28, 2013

Super Six Sunday (#2): Super 6 Bookish Kick-ass Heroines

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Isabelle Lightwood
She may not be the protagonist of the TMI series but she sure plays a big part in the entire story. Isabelle is the definition of kick-ass and kick-ass is the definition of Isabelle. She’s a fierce Shadowhunter, the toughest of the whole bunch. Plus: she knows how to work that whip.

Katniss Everdeen
This girl is just the perfect heroine. She knows how to live without much luxury, she knows how to hunt animals, she can fight, can look out for herself and above all that, she is still capable of caring for other people. Katniss is also smart and knows what she wants. If someone told me they look up to Katniss Everdeen I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

Hermione Granger
Even though Hermione doesn’t get involved in fights (apart from that time she gave Malfoy a wack on the nose) she still is one of my favorite heroines I ever read about. We all know Hermione is the smartest witch you’ll ever meet and just that makes her a unique heroine. She saves herself and her friends with her knowledge. She only needs her wand and books, no brooms, no other weapons.

Tris Prior
Tris ain’t afraid to shoot somebody if needed, she’s brave and selfless at the same time. Most of all: she’s dauntless. She will bring this dystopian society down along with her allies.
Annabeth Chase
This doesn’t need much explanation I think? Annabeth is a great fighter, a loyal friend and a smart girl. If I were to go on a quest I’d take Annabeth with me. I’m sure wouldn’t doubt that choice one second.

June Iparis

Again: smart girl that knows how to fight if that were needed. Because of her high score on her trial and her education she manages to keep herself and Day alive. She also uses her position (the elite) to bring the dystopian society down from the inside. 

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  1. aHah!!! YES I love Hermione and I also have her on my list!!! She's incredible and I love that she's super smart and that they boys would be lost without her:)))

    I love that you picked Isabelle Lightwood as she's "only" a secondary character but is kick ass just as the others!

    I love would love to have picked Ron's Mom Molly - she loves her kids so much and in the last Harry Potter book totally showed how much kick ass she can be:)

  2. I haven't read TMI (I'm getting on it soon) so I don't know your first female heroine but I say there is nothing wrong with a secondary being a kick ass heronie. It's YOUR list!! But who is June Iparis? is that from Legend?

    Awesome list!!


    1. Yes June is from the Legend series



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