July 21, 2013

MOVIE REVIEW | The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Basic information
Director: Peter Jackson
Cast: Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Sean Bean, Cate Blanchett, Viggo Mortensen,...
Genre: action, adventure, fantasy


A few years ago – like 5 or 6? – the three LOTR movies were on TV. We would be watching one every weekend for three weeks (obviously). I wasn’t a huge fan of them back then, I also never read the books before now so I didn’t know what it was about apart from the ring part but I think everyone could make that out. I also didn’t see much of it, it was on but I was doing other things in the meanwhile. ANYHOW, I saw the first movie again after reading the first book and understood it all a lot better.

They stayed very true to the book. There were scenes cut of course but doesn’t this happen in every movie? The ending is also different from the first book. Where the book left at the part where Frodo and Sam take off and we don’t know what happened to the other members of the Fellowship, the movie shows their side of the story and shows the death of Boromir (book two). Spoiler alert much.

The landscapes you see in these movies are absolutely incredible. It makes me want to move to New Zealand. I think I would have the time of my life, taking pictures of everything. Of course these locations didn’t always resemble the ones that were described in the book but let’s not be too critical. It’s candy for the eye and that’s all we need.


I thought Galadriel was more scary in the movie than in the book but that could also be my lack of imagination when reading that passage. I was actually scared of that woman the entire time. I still don’t get what’s her deal but I’m sure she means good. Something else that didn’t exactly bother me but is worth mentioning is Arwen. She has a bigger role in the movie than she has in the book where she’s just kind of… there. In the background. In the movie she takes the part of Glorfindel (saving Frodo from the Nazg├╗l and getting him to Rivendell to be cured) and she’s also around Aragorn quite often. We see what kind of relationship (*wink wink*) they have while in the book you kind of have to guess what’s going on there.  I don’t think she gives her necklace to Aragorn in the book either.

I can conclude that the movie is very enjoyable and is true to the book. I think the orcs are magnificently done. Imagine how long those people were in the make-up department to get all of that make-underover done. Those make-up artists are the real magicians here. Also admired the CGI and how they made the hobbits and Gimli look smaller. If you look closely in some shots you can tell there’s been some photoshopping but overall it’s very nicely done. As well as the music. I didn’t really listen to it intently, I was too much engaged in the story and all the action, but it sounded really good.

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