July 6, 2013

HAUL | Books I got @ Boekenfestijn Ghent

As I said a few days ago: I would be going to the Boekenfestijn this saturday and that's exactly what I did. Even though the weather was gorgeous and I should have been out getting a tan, I wasn't: I was shopping books till I'd drop (didn't happen luckily) in Flanders Expo Ghent.

I got more books than last time I went and paid about €80. In total I got 18 books - paperbacks AND hardbacks. There are a lot of historical fiction books but also some YA and then some random ones.

Historical fiction
  • Philippa Gregory - The Boleyn Inheritance (€2,95)
  • Philippa Gregory - The Constant Princess (€1,95)
  • Philippa Gregory - Hannah's Gave / The Queen's Fool (€4,95)
  • Anne Easter Smith - Daughter of York (€4,95)
  • Philippa Gregory - The Kingmaker's Daughter (€4,95)
As you can tell I'm a Philippa Gregory fan. I love her books so much I grabbed every single one I could find. I also love books that are about the English court, especially when it's about the War of the Roses/Cousin's War and the Tudor court. I don't read historical fiction too often (like I wouldn't do a marathon just on historical fiction) so I'm good for quite a while. If you happen to know of any other hf authors that are good, let me know!

YA, mystery, etc
  •  Libba Bray - Opstand van de Engelen / Rebel Angels (€4,50)
  • Jørgen Gaare &  Øystein Sjaastad - Harry Potter en de School der Wijzen (€2,95)
  • Elizabeth Woods - Choker (€3,95)
  • Holly Black, Maureen Johnson, etc - Zombies vs. Unicorns (€1,99)
  • James A. Moore - Run (€2,50)
  • Lauren DeStefano - Fever (€4,95)
  • Dan Brown - Angels & Demons (€1,95)
Rebel Angels is the second book in the Gemma Doyle trilogy. I don't have the first one and I haven't read it yet either. I need to get my hands on that one first so I can read this one. That might take a while. The second book on this pile is in fact a Norwegian book on the things that we learn from the Harry Potter books. For some reason there is only a Norwegian and a Dutch version but I'm sure this book will be translated into English sooner or later. I don't know anything about it but I will read it soon and write a review on this.
Then there's Angels & Demons, which I gave 2 stars of Goodreads but I'm not entirely sure if this book should be rated that low. The reason I gave it such a low rating is because I couldn't get into it, the beginning is very complicated and about science. I put down the book after a few pages. Now we're a few years later and I'm going to give this book another try. I cleared everything on Goodreads and put it back on my to-read shelf.

Misc, informative,etc
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby (€1,95)
  • British history (€2,95)
  • Gary Raymond & John Howe - J.R.R. Tolkien in 3 minuten / 3 Minute J.R.R. Tolkien (€9,95)
  • Ronald Meeus - Overstappen van PC naar MAC (€2,95)
  • Christian Haasz - Profibook Canon EOS 550D (€2,50)
  • Uwe Steinmueller & Jürgen Gulbins - Raw ongekookt / The Art of RAW Conversion (€4,95)
I've been wanting the read The Great Gatsby since I saw the movie so this was the perfect opportunity to pick this book up. The other books are about photography, history and computers. I don't necessarily read these entirely, I just like to look up some things in them when I feel the need to.

As you can see I have a big pile of new books. Some of them will be read soon, others will stay on my shelf for a while until I feel like picking them up. I don't know which one I will be reading next. If you are interested to see that you could always follow or befriend me on Goodreads and you'll be the first to know. 

Some of these books will probably be featured in August when I will be participating in the Bout of Books read-a-thon but I will make a separate blogpost about that when the time comes.

If you want me to read a specific book next, let me know in the comments (or wherever) and I will certainly keep that request in mind. Of course other requests are also welcome but I'm sure you already knew that.

Until next time!

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