June 24, 2013

Black screen of death on Kobo (Touch): a rant. *edit

A few days ago I was updating my Kobo Desktop software. When ejecting my ereader - unplugging it - my screen went black all of a sudden. After trying to restart it, holding the on/off button, pressing the home button several times, etc still nothing happened. 'Is my ereader dead?'

Luckily we still have the internet. After trying to tweet Kobo and not getting an answer I started browsing the world wide web. I don't understand how, as a company, you use your twitter account only to promote new features and new authors and not to help your customers. Social media is the perfect way to communicate with customers and others and I'm sure I'm not the only one out there that gets frustrated when they cannot contact a firm especially when there is something wrong with their products.

E-mail service
The e-mail service is in need of an upgrade. I tried to mail Kobo to ask what the hell I was supposed to do with a device that doesn't react to anything. Kobo tried to open Windows Live Mail 2011 on my computer which first of all: I never had this program - second of all: it doesn't exist anymore and third of all: why can't they just put an e-mailadress in their contact information? The only other option I had to possibly get in touch with them is to call an American phone number. I'm sorry but that ain't going to happen.

As said a few paragraphs before, I browsed the internet for answers. I found a few forums where people that had the same issue as me were asking for help. It seemed that the crash was caused by the update on Kobo Desktop which resulted in a black screen and the computer program not being able to find the device anymore (even though the green light was on, indicating it was connected). The fault here is entirely Kobo's but still I haven't gotten any message or warning or whatsoever about this glitch. That's not nice!

The trick
After more than 24h of no response I got desperate and mailed the company/webstore I bought my ereader from. A few hours later I was looking for answers on the internet again. I found an entirely different forum this time and one person tried a different trick and solved the problem with it. When holding the on/off button: wait for the blue light and then push the home button. I was saved! The device started up all over again, I had to log in on the Kobo Desktop program and had a factory reset. Thank the gods for the internet. Not Kobo. No.

Edit: after 4 days, Kobo reacted to my tweet asking to send them a message and -if possible- a photo of the screen. I appreciate this effort immensely. Maybe they should put this KoboHelp twitter account on their website because didn't find this when I needed it. Anyway: thanks Kobo

Has anyone with a Kobo (Touch or other) have had this problem in the past?

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