April 2, 2013

HOW TO: Make a seraph blade (simple, easy & quick)

 photo Seraph blade graphic_zpsscshb0vg.jpg After considering making a seraph blade myself I gave up and decided to just get a fake sword and pimp it. The seraph blades they use in the movie are clear and light up. It’s not impossible to make a clear sword but it requires time, patience and some skills and I have neither of those three.

Let's start... with a pirate sword

I took off the black fabric on the hilt and then painted it entirely white with a white lacquer. Acrylic paint doesn’t look good on plastic so I had to use a different type of paint. I applied about 2-3 coats so it would be opaque. It didn’t need varnish, the paint has a shiny finish on its own. If you want your seraph blade to light up you can also use paint that has the effect of black light though I’m not entirely sure if it would do its work on the lacquer… I’m not very good with paint and all that kind of stuff so I can't recommend any.

I could give you a thigh sheath to put that in*

To carry this sword around in my hands would be very inconvenient so I wore it on my leg. I used an elastic and wore it on my thigh. Measurements will be different for everyone.

I would have preferred the guard (of the sword) to be less thin and straight but I got to make the best of it. The sword is also a little longer than the seraph blades we see in the trailer and the blade itself is pretty straight compared to the seraph blades in the movie. The sword I got isn’t perfect but it was only for a day and I will always remember that day when I pick up the sword again.

Note that I had to make these props with basic material and in a small period of time. I wasn't trying to get an exact copy of what is used in the movie.

*Quote from City of Bones, p214


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  1. It looks like a great souvenir of an awesome day :)

  2. ummm what about glow in the dark paint? just a suggestion

  3. im using perspex (whuch is a clear plastic) and then maybe putting LEDs in the end to make it glow



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