April 7, 2013

How to: Apply runes to skin

Pick some runes & let's begin

This is probably the easiest part of all: getting them runes on. It doesn’t require preparation apart from printing out the runes you can’t draw yourself. I drew 2 runes myself (the iratze and strength rune) and printed out a deflect and angelic power run. Cut out the black part with scissors or an exacto knife. Don’t throw away the middle piece (the square) of the angelic power rune because you will need it.

Get your stele's out: applying the runes

I used some tape to secure the paper to my skin so it could be filled in. First with black eyeshadow (easy to remove if you make a mistake) and later with waterproof eyeliner. You can use whatever type of eyeliner you have as long as it’s not a kohl pencil because this transfers onto your clothes because of its greasy consistency. My runes weren’t pitch black but they were filled in completely and stayed all day long. For more opacity you could try applying the eyeshadow with a damp brush.
To be honest, my chest area was quite red at the end of the day (that’s why I used a filter on all the photos) so maybe my skin didn’t react well to the eyeliner. If you want to prevent this, test out the product a few days before.

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  1. I love this!!! you're an amazing artist



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