April 8, 2013

Book review: The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

Basic information
Title: The Mark of Athena
Author: Rick Riordan
Series: The Heroes of Olympus #3
Published by: Hyperion Book CH in October 2012

I was always curious how seven demigods would be able to work together especially since they come from different camps. I thought Percy and Jason would be rivals and that there would be some sort of love triangle going on between Leo, Hazel and Frank but no. None of that is true. I just love that they are all together and most of all: that Percy and Annabeth are back together. They seem to get along just fine and it’s more like they all struggle with their personal issues than they have issues with each other.
Jason has improved in this book. I feel like he’s less ‘I-can-do-everything’ and more like ‘maybe-i-do-need-your-help-and-i-appreciate-you-want-to-help-me’, do you know what I mean? He confessed to not knowing how to behave around 6 other demigods that are his equals because he’s used to being the leader. I love that he changed in a positive way. Leo on the other hand doesn’t seem to have changed at all. He stays very insecure about himself, his abilities etc and it bugs me because he’s proven so many times that he can actually do a lot of stuff and that he’s great. It’s like he finally realized that he’s worth it at the very end of this book. I like Leo, don’t get me wrong, but he could be so much more and I hope there will be more character development in House of Hades regarding Leo.

Writing, story,…
The right amount of wit and seriousness. There are a bunch of new gods I’ve never heard of and that Rick Riordan turned into the most hilarious characters out of this whole book. I keep learning while reading Riordan books and that’s what keeps it all so interesting apart from the major plot twists. Talking about plot twists… what the hell did you think at the end Mr. Riordan? Do you find this amusing?! I sure did NOT.

There isn’t much of Jason’s POV which I personally don’t mind as he’s my least favorite character so that’s a plus! As I mention above, he might be growing on me but still… Sometimes there was a lot of the same person for a while meaning that there were 5 or more chapters dedicated to one POV. I understand that there is a lot going on and all but I think there would be even more suspense if we shifted between characters more.

When I started this book I read about 60 pages and then kind of stopped. I usually read at night but recently I have been reading in the morning at school when there’s nothing to do but there is a lot of distraction sometimes and I found myself reading the same page over and over again and in the end losing any kind of interest and motivation to carry on. A few days ago I decided that I would finish the Mark of Athena asap because I don’t like to be ‘stuck’ to a book for too long. I mean I’ve been reading on and off for months now and I just got sick of it. I don’t know if it is really me that was in a reading slump or if it’s because the story was slow in the beginning? I got through it and I’m happy I did though because it was great! I like The Mark of Athena more than The Lost Hero and The Son of Neptune. The ending made me very curious for House of Hades.

Rating: 4/5

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