March 25, 2013

I'm blogging 1 year!


Exactly 1 year ago I posted my first blog post which was a movie review on The Hunger Games. It was my very first movie review EVER. I made a lot of progress in the year, more variety in posts and I have a lot of posts that I’m very proud of. There have been moments there was just beauty and moments I only talked about book-ish things. There have also been moments I typed like an Englishman and then later sounded like an American. I’m looking for the perfect writing style and the perfect mix of girly and geeky.

When you blog about a lot of things it is hard to get a lot of readers because not everybody likes books and not everybody wants to read about make-up when there actually looking for a book review. I understand that it may be a little chaotic at times but I try to schedule my posts so that book and movie and other things are posted on Thursdays and the rest of the week. I try to post beauty related stuff in the beginning of the week. I could focus on only one subject but then I would feel constricted. This is my blog and I want to be able to talk about everything I love and not just a part of it.

Potterheadreviews doesn’t have many views but I’m still learning and still growing. I don’t mind talking to no one in particular. I’m even happy when only 1 person visited my blog on some days. I have enjoyed blogging  every day the past year and I’m not quitting anytime soon. And even though you don’t see my face too often on here, I’m always here and always willing to react to your comments! I’m also on Twitter and Instagram, if you wanted to chat, and you can follow this blog on Bloglovin’.

Let me know if you visit phr regularly and what you think of it. I could only improve!

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  1. I'm far too late, but still: Congrats!
    I'm following you on BlogLovin' so I don't miss any of your posts (although I'm terribly behind and have 200+ unread posts atm).

    I was SO happy when I discovered your blog! Your bookish posts are great and I love your diy/ how-to projects.

    I imagine that putting down in words how much you love blogging isn't the simplest thing, but you've done a really good job at it. So, again my congratulations. I admire you commitment to blogging and I hope for many phr-anniversaries to come!

    1. Thank you so much! This comment means a lot to me and I'm happy you like phr so much. After blogging for a while it's nice to get some recognition. Here's a big cyber-hug for you!



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