March 30, 2013

HOW TO: Dress like a Shadowhunter

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As you know, I was a Shadowhunter for a day last week. Shadowhunters look better in black than the widows of their enemies since 1234 and therefore I had to buy a few black clothing pieces.

The black leather jacket is a staple in the Shadowhunter gear. It doesn’t really matter what type as long as it’s black. A leather jacket doesn’t need to cost much. In stores like New Look they are around €30. Underneath it you can wear whatever you want. I chose for a black tank top but you can also go for a t-shirt or a long sleeve shirt. 
Then: black pants. Leather or fabric: it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s black. A black belt would make it look more like the gear they are wearing in the movie but it’s not necessary. I didn’t add a black belt because I didn’t want to buy one (I wouldn’t wear it again afterwards so it'd kinda be a waste of money).

The shoes are more difficult. The boots Jemima is wearing in a few shots were available at a webstore called New Rock Shoes a few months ago but they seem to be discontinued (edit: the store doesn't exist anymore).  I think any black high-heeled boots or booties would do the job. I don’t have that so I’m using my studded boots. 

In the trailer we can see Clary/Lily Collins is wearing fingerless black gloves in some shots. If you have that at home already you can also wear those. The hair is in a high ponytail or loose. As for make-up: the girls aren’t wearing much. Isabelle/Jemima West has some eyeliner going on and I think I spot some false lashes there. Lily doesn’t seem to have much make-up on at all.

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  1. Awesome :) Can't believe I just found this blog. Need to dress up as a shadow hunter for halloween now :D



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