February 9, 2013

Review: Catrice Prime And Fine Translucent Loose Powder

Many a makeup brand has put a translucent powder on the market (think of MAC, Laura Mercier, ELF, etc) and so does Catrice, a German budget makeup brand. Maybe you know or maybe you don’t but I’m a fan of Catrice makeup. The quality is quite good and so are the prices. I don’t think I’ve ever spotted a product over €10. Since they changed and re-vamped their whole collection the Prime and Fine line came out with some face-primers and other fancy stuff in it as well as a translucent loose powder. Me not being the biggest fan of loose powders gave this product a whirl.

This powder promises a longlasting matte effect and a fixed foundation. Indeed, it makes my skin look matte. The first time I tried this powder was in the late afternoon around 4pm after half a day of school. I was wearing the Garnier BB cream and I applied a layer of Catrice Skin Finish Compact powder in the morning. My skin was shiny around the nose and chin mostly but after a thin layer of the translucent powder that shine had vanished. My face feels dry and soft with this powder on.

I’ve used this powder a few days now and I can safely say that it keeps my face matte for a very long time. I don’t do crazy stuff during the day, no work-outs or extreme partying but my skin is very oily and with this powder you can’t even see that!

The translucent loose powder by Catrice retails for €5,59

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