December 11, 2012

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: series review

First of all:
I read this series because I watched the movie and thought to myself that it looked pretty epic. Just to clarify: the movie is nothing like the books. Forget the movie while you read my series review.

Okay, so, Percy Jackson & the Olympians is one of my favorite series of all time. I don’t care that it’s supposed to be a ‘childrens series’. Children series my ass. PJO is a series for everyone, just like Harry Potter. Those books also being called a children’s series but sorry to disappoint anyone who thinks that: it’s not for children at all. Do you want your kids to fight Voldemort when they are seventeen? Do you want your child swinging a sword at an Olympian? I don’t think so.
Speaking of Harry Potter, the PJO series reminds of it structure-wise. A problem occurs -> the protagonist (&friends) try to solve the problem -> there is a fight near the end -> problem solved (for now).

I think the idea of using Greek mythology in a series like this is both original and incredibly awesome. Though the facts aren’t usually right (for instance, Perseus is not the son of Poseidon but of Zeus in reality) I still learned a lot about the Greek gods. It actually made me exited for studying the history of Greece later on in my life. Good job, Rick Riordan.

All 5 of the books are quick reads, easy to get through. The writing style isn’t too complicated, there is humor – a lot of it (Percy is the funniest person you’ll ever read about) – and there aren’t too many pages. Each book is around 300 pages, some more and some less.
As I said, there are funny characters and also a lot of likeable characters. I don’t mean that you need to like everyone. You just do. The characters come up with the greatest ideas and plans to get them out of a situation and you never know what it will be this time. Before something bad actually happens I’m already curious and so I can’t stop reading. I have to know how the hell they’re gonna get out.
I don’t have a favorite book in the series really. Usually I like the last one because it wraps everything up. The Last Olympian actually indicates there would be something new coming after the PJO series so it didn’t actually ‘wrap it up’.

I don’t know but Rick Riordan is a genius. He has a great imagination and he has become one of my favorite authors. Not only because he writes fantastic books but also because he’s a great person. 

You can read the review I did on the first book in the series here.
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