August 6, 2012

Discussion/book review: Matched by Ally Condie

So remember when I said I thought Matched was ridiculous and I would never read it (I mean I read an excerpt and it sounded really stupid and blablabla). Yeah, I read it and  loved it and gave it 4/5 stars on Goodreads. Don’t even try to ask me why I suddenly did read it because I honestly don’t know why I picked it up.

In the beginning the protagonist may annoy you (like she annoyed me) because she blindly follows the rules and is excited by everything we would call outrageously structured. She was glad to be Matched to someone she probably wouldn’t know and would have to spend her entire life with. She thought it was okay that she didn’t even know how to cook or how to write. Luckily, the focus on that lessens because the main plot twist happens right after. Her micro card that was supposed to tell her everything about her Match (being Xander, her best friend) suddenly shows a different face: Ky Markam’s. However it is impossible for him to be her Match because he’s an Aberration and they can’t get Matched period. The Society Official tells her not to worry about it, that it’s a glitch and that she’s still Matched to Xander. Naturally, Ky is all she thinks about.

I didn’t think I would like this world as much as I do. I mean I don’t love it, it’s a dystopian society… I just think that the idea behind it is pretty good. A society that is SO controlling you have no privacy, you actually have nothing for yourself (keep that in mind before you call Cassia selfish and hypocritical -  the society had made her that way). I assume this takes place in the US right? Because I kinda got confused with the story around the plant Cassia’s mom had to investigate (don’t know the English name of it) because that specific plant currently only grows in the Benelux. Hasn’t anyone ever thought about why all dystopian novels happen to be located in the US? Is that a hint? Or coincidence?

I still have a few complaints though. Nothing happens until the very end. Actually a lot of things happen but they are not interesting. How she takes the train and goes to work, how she sorts,… It doesn’t really add to the story because in the end, the only thing that matters is finding Ky and sorting out the war that is going on. It feels like this is the only important thing but the book would be too short if the author kept to the point (know what I mean?). The characters are quite flat too, I mean we don’t know a lot about anyone.  I think it even takes you a hundred pages to finally find out what hair color Cassia has. So keep that in mind if you plan on reading this book. A lot of people who have the sequel, Crossed, say that it’s much better than Matched so I’m excited to read that one.

Did you read Matched? What did you think of it?

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